Hardeep Singh and Sahil Singh went for some family work to Mumbai, there the TWo SINGH s` decided to meet their beloved friend Lakra who was cooling his bum off in pune and Dhawal was picked up in the way from dadar.

later Anujj Sethi was also brought from symbiosis pune, the greatest institution there has ever been !!!!

There the ” Quatro + 1 ” saw strange fashion by pune women which immediately mesmerized The elder SINGH and he wondered ::::::::::

Hardeepee ::: why do girls where mask here ? ie chuni rapt around there faces ?

Dhawal ::::: Paaji here females donot want to die of lung cancer……..

Hardeepee ::::: Why are delhi girls on a suicide mission .. ?

Lakra (interrupting) :::: areey jo baat yahan vo vahan kahan…. ?

little Singh (me, wondering as usual) ::::::: I think there are many “toatas” here…so in order to exhibit their beauty they cover there faces ?

Lakra,Dhawal, hardeepee( Together) ::::: “New york” has spoiled our little kids……………..

Anujj Sethi ( as if film ended) ::: chalo picture katam, ab gaddi mein petrol dalvaoo, mufaat ki ser nahi hai !!!! aur ab khana khanne chalte hai GERMAN BAKERY
(trust me no German owner there……)

In between we thought of going to Osho ashram ,But hardeepee and sahilee need to go back to mumbai for important work…..

( so osho dhaam not possible !!!!!)

Though the question still remain about the mystery behind female wearing cloth over their respective faces , why is so ?

1. Is it fashion ?
2. Are they old school ?
3. Does their family asks them ?
4. Too much pollution in pune ?
5. A gang war brewing in pune among girls unknown to government there ?
6. Is Pune turning fanatic ?
7. Are girls there too beautiful ?
8. Are girls there inspired by the philosophy that beauty lies in the eye of beholder in this case their.. ?
(because that is only visible of their face )
9. Are they feminist ?
10 Are they starting MAFIA WARS there ?
11. Fight between the “Hype” girls and ” traditional ” girls ?
12. They have no other work to do ?
13. Naxalite have recruited pune girls ?
14. An under cover women commando force there ?
15. Its their city and they want it to be different ?
16. I Am stupid , there nothing to this issue ?
(creating hue and cry for no reason……….. Buffoon !!! )

One wonders about all these questions does somebody has answers ?????

haiii koi , haiin hainn hainn…………… haiiiin ?