I have been accused in the past of over-speaking a phenomena which use to exist when i was at home but came into public life when i entered college life.

Over speaking according to dictionary refers to a term when an individual over does his speech, but a lot depends upon the fact as to explanation of things are done in correct way or not.

No doubt sometimes it may lead to painful and avoidable moments but more than the speaker , one believe it is the listener who throws these paradigms at speakers.

It may also be taken to notice the listener`s choice to hear about the topic that is to say her/his desires which are undoubtedly and unquestionably fueled by the biological necessities and curiosity quest, still might be referred self-discriminatory.

Though one very much wishes to uphold the constitutional right of freedom of the individual but would like to argue that, her/his thoughts might also be a result of too much of advertisements or the information on wish individual is feeding themselves, thereby reluctant into listening about things which might lead to uncomfortable situation for them.

There by again pointing to the fact that how much of a weapon education has become in these “modern” times and our desires fulled by the biological parameters also result in our approach towards life.


One would like to advice the wise intellectuals ,please be more reasonable and have a kaizen approach towards life in which an individual tries to achieve new standards but with a very tolerant and scholarly approach…