One has always wonder as to what sort of perception do people have about the word  “jat”

It seems that those who live as Hindus in jat pronounce themselves as jaats and those who live in Punjab pronounce as jatts.

Though in reality there exist a regiment called Jat regiment ,so in a way the extra “a” or the extra “t” in word jat is nothing but a slang of the respective language of that place.

But it seems that these very “differences” have cropped up a different identity within the community where the get separated and draw a line on “cultural” basis.

one wonders what would a jat living in UK or Canada be called “zaata” or “zat”  to add the cool quotient ?

Those  with knowledge really need to trash such beliefs and drill some senses into those individuals minds who choose to “Invent” their own new words.