The boxing as sport in India has gained prominence in recent times, it is due to the rise of some prominent boxers with the likes of Vijender Singh and Akhil Kumar

Before the rise of these stars there were Dingko Singh, Hawa Singh , Mohd Ali Qamar and V. Devarajan among some outstanding boxers India ever produced. Hawa Singh dominated the national championships, by winning title for eleven years on a row, from 1961-1972.

Dingko Singh shot into fame at a very early age, when he won the sub-junior national boxing title in 1989, when he was eleven years old. He made the country proud by winning a gold medal at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998.

Qamar created history in Indian boxing, by becoming the first Indian boxer to win a Commonwealth gold medal at the Manchester Games. While Dingko Singh‘s Asian Games gold medal reminded one of the heroics of the legendary Indian boxer Hawa Singh, Ali Qamar‘s triumph has inspired the youngsters to don the boxing gloves for the country.   V. Devarajan created history in his own right as he became the first Indian to win a World Cup medal on foreign soil in 1994,

Though it was Vijender Singh’s Bronze in Beijing 2008 Olympics that has brought boxing in the prominent light, where as earlier it use to live in the shadows of of cricket and other sports , since there was no glamor associated in the sport and corporate world used to shy away from investing in the game as they feared no good returns from their investments.

It seems as though Vijender Singh`s rise and growing demand from all across the country for an alternate sport to cricket has caught even corporate India’s eyes, Vijender got a deal worth 5 crore per annum which is though nothing compared to Sachin Tendulker`s 100 crore deal but with time hopefully he can match him in earning. Those who went along with him and did well in Olympics also have a chance to make fortune out of it which include the likes of Akhil Kumar and A L Lakra.

It seems that onus of making boxing a household name lies in the hands on handsome 23 years Vijender Singh who has just recently become the world no .1 , one should not forget MC Mary-Kom who has been women’s world champion in boxing for last 4 consecutive years and this time that women boxing is also being included in Olympics sport so it is likely that she will bring home the first Olympic gold. It is just that these boxer apart from encouragement would also require the service of corporate world which could be a vital force in achieving the targets in making a power in boxing arena and then we Indians no longer need to boast just about being good only at cricket and young children could identify these boxers as their role models as they do with the crickets.