Like they say that once you find your true love, you know you wanna spend the rest of your life with them.

Something similar happened to me : “I fell in love with apple Ipad. ”

Why shouldn`t I ? after all it fulfills all the requirments

  1. It’s  sexy
  2. Cool
  3. Light
  4. Best features
  5. very feminine
  6. Path breaking innovation.
  7. Got that classy screen
  8. Made by apple
  9. You don’t need to buy a newspapers now.
  10. Its got everything already in an ipod even better.
  11. Most importantly it is beautiful and would be MINE !

All in all a classic product….

But one will have to wait till it comes to India and by that time hopefully one will be able to buy with ones own hard earned cash


Though still hats off to Steve Jobs for some remarkable innovations that he has helped create : Ipod, Iphone now Ipad.

I guess he is the new massia of Human race !