John Terry in recent times have become nothing but a joke.

The 29-year-old Chelsea captain John Terry, who earns 150,000-pounds a week, became a hero for the club’s young fans but was later revealed to be a love rat who cheated on his wife by having an affair with the ex of former team-mate Wayne Bridge.

He has done everything that you could do wrong for being an icon for youngsters, the worst of all was when he was taking money go get others access into chelsea dressing room, how greedy can this guy get ?

Doesn’t the club pay him enough and then comes the women saga, he left even Tiger Woods far behind.  One still cannot understand that why Lampard cannot be a captain again, alteast he will be far better icon for young folks.

Terry has ruined it for himself,In totally he should have been booted out of Chelsea Captaincy also. Imagine someone from Indian sporting fraternity doing this.