Love, sex aur dhoka is a 3 story film which has been for one gained critical acclimation from all the people perhaps because it is “path breaking”  movie not to say that that it “inspires” it from movie look , UDAAN ,DPS MMS scandel, Jat honour killings and yes shakti kapoor casting couch ways. I wonder is it ekta kapoor’ s way of getting back to her critics or people she doesn’t like.

Story 1 :

The most importantly the 1st story about “upper caste” girl and “lower caste” boy is essentially about jat girl and quota boy.  The girls name is “Shruti Dahiya” , Dahiya is jat clan in Haryana and sonipat district and why not make a film out on the atrocities after all the topic is high on Indian population’s imagination, recent honour killings ( Good for business of the movie, any way the whole world seems to think that jats have a shitty culture, not to mention “not allowing” their women to sleep (sic) sorry make love with whom they want; that is sooooo Medieval not to mention ancient and CHEAP )

Now all girls of JATs can take notice of it and fight for their “love” as India is with them, f*** these big ego highly sexual chauvinistic Jat men (look at poor Mallika sherawat she wanted to run naked and they didnot allow her, so backward, cheap and ancient. Now since she is “strong” and “emancipated” she cannot be found with much clothes on), F*** them.


The second story revolves around the MMS scandel that rocked DPS and the nation with it. At least the promoters of movie are certainly into it. This time two new comers are there, the girl who is pictured here is some attendant at a shop and is lured on the pretext of the bet between two friends.The story is average but certainly a seen was “exceptional” which people want to see. The female in real life says that her parents never watch movie and it was on behest of her neighbors that her family got to know about her little adventure , the shocking story director wanted people to see might not be able to shock others or  but certainly Miss Chauhan’s parent will be shocked after watching this movie !

Story 3 :

The story three is about shakti kapoor simply !

Watch it yourself and tell that it is NOT a copy of Movie LOOK, though Miss Ekta Kapoor might not agree and neither will her director who had this brilliant “innovative” and “creative” idea upon watching thousands of short movies in the “competition” they organized. Nice seems like mahesh bhatt has competition now.

The SHkati kapoor scandal has already played it part but still it seems that dibakar banerjee was more inclined to catch on the “voyeuristic ” nature of Indian audience but yes it is all “real” and experimental to say and not “copied” but “refreshing“. Some critics went on to give them 4/5 rating some even gave 4.5/5 , after all why NOT ?

These very critics seem to have got bored watching lovely-dovely movies and wanted something to” shocks” them , not to say “amuse them”. The fact that the movie gives “a message” that is Indians are voyeuristic but certainly are helping in the very lines they accuse others of ( Hypocrite, nooo they are just movie makers trying to make a living , “shocking” people) . Not to mention that they are paid to watch these movies and most importantly sometime (paid under the table, sorry for the bureaucratic word) supported in finding true cinema, after all it is India ( Everyone has got a right).

A BBC series that you are more likely to enjoy than the movie and is certainly MORE realistic !

The cast are as follows :

  • Anshuman Jha ( The Uday chopra oh sorry adi chopra Fan, need i say more)
  • Shruti aka Miss Braocha ( Shruti is not her real name, probaly walking on mallika sehrawat‘s footsteps)
  • Raj Kumar Yadav ( Trying to make his mark using MMS)
  • Neha Chauhan ( her family reportedly doesn’t watch movies, surely them will be in for a shocker watching her banged)
  • Amit Sial ( Trying to make his mark using sting operation)
  • Arya ( The girl who got Aaaooouuuu )
  • Harry Tangdi ( aaaaooouuuu, yes guessed it RIGHT !)

and the director : Dibakar Baneerje ( fame of Oye lucky lucky oye, Khosla ka ghosla, probably feeling the direct “offbeat cinema” via LSD or i guess Ekta Kapoor syndrome getting to him)