The film begins with a slow start with a journey of ashes taken from a state bank locker by an individual. On the other side of the film where to stories are running side by side we are introduced with Hasmat Bhai (Paresh Rawal), general secretary to the local Mosque Committee in Allahabad (UP seems to be the flavour of the week at the movies). He’s a mechanical engineer, also called a `mistry’ in Hindi, as he informs someone. Passionate about his work, Hasmat is excited to receive an old Ford car engine for  repairing work. The machine has been sent by the government; the city museum to be precise. The work is near impossible given the state of the machine, but Hasmat is all the more ready for it. The deadline too is demanding, and he gears up his small team to get o with the work.

Around that time, bomb blasts rock the city, causing the police to pick up random suspects. That these suspects are all Muslim and many with no criminal background angers the community. The mosque committee initiates a protest march during which  a young member of the community dies. Om Puri who plays the head honcho of this outfit speaks with a command egged  by his maulvi assistant (Pawan Malhotra, fabulous and Unknowable due to his makeup ). They decide that all Muslims in the area shut shop until they hear an apology from the government. Members who fear for their livelihood, didn’t dare protest.

Halfway done repairing the Ford engine, Hasmat is in two minds whether to pursue or give the work up. While he wishes to be with the committee, his professionalism doesn’t let him break the commitment easily. The twist comes when a TV reporter informs him of the stature of the car engine. This was the very same motor that had carried Gandhi’s ashes right after his death in 1948. If repaired, this engine would make the same trip that it had made with the Mahatma’s ashes to the Sangam River where Yamuna and Ganga meet. Now, on discovering that the government had forgotten about this last container of his ashes, this yatra to the Sangam has been organised. Alarmed and honoured, Hasmat’s dilemma deepens.

The film then explores Hasmat’s struggle to follow his chosen path; a decision that proves to be harder than he imagined. The film creates an emotion in which patriotism is main forth above any religion using Mahatma Gandhi as core value of the movie. First time director-writer Amit Rai  pulls up a great act and this film is definitely to watch out for with a power pack actors in the film ,the important subject and well furnished writing ,I give it 4 out of 5.

Writer and director – Amit Rai

Producer –Amit Chheda, sunil sharma