She was born in Shillong on November 24, 1961, to a Bengali Hindu father and a Syrian Christian mother, she spent her childhood in Kerala before moving to Delhi, where she studied architecture and wrote film scripts.

She has also acted in an offbeat film “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones”. Her modest background and fighting the tedious daily grind, the 49-year-old “dead writer” got financially liberated when her first novel “The God of Small Things” was conferred the Booker Prize. Her essays on contemporary issues fired Indian elites’ imagination. The award brought her International recognition and a platform to hold forth on issues that caught her attention.

Baring a single book that won her bookers’ prize, Arundati Roy has not written a single book which might actually be good for conversation. Yet she has found way and ways to stay in the controversies be it the Narmada, her endorsements of Naxals or be it calling herself the mobile republic and now sedition attempt.

Since it has been a decade when she wrote the novel which gained any recognition, her repeated attempt to hog the limelight is a good reflection of trying to remain in the news. It is without doubt replicating behavioral characteristics exhibited by those of Rakhi Sawant (who with her latest show Rakhi Ka Insaaf is trying her best), Mallika Sehrawat (with her feminist onslaughts) or so better Paris Hilton(with her love animals and cocaine). In a recent interview with barkha Dutt on the launch of this book , Ramchandra Guha very well said “neither” upon being asked by Barkha Dutt whether he considers Arundati Roy as writer or a scholar.

Arundati Roy’s claims are powered by one of her ideas, where she says that more you spit on your country and call names to it, the cooler you would be (apparently she is unhappy with Indian government, since they donot seek advice from her on topics she has opinion on). Her supporters repeated attempts to call “Indian nationalism as the last refuge of a scoundrel” is laughable. These very pseudo-intellectuals having their “Indian passports” are hiding behind quotes of others exhibiting a scoundrel behavior. One guesses that act being a pseudo-intellectual involves in generating sensationalism in order to get attention. After all coffee shop debates where you are all dressed up to “debate” doesn’t get you much recognition (exception from people taking your order).

Seeing herself as a failure in every event in which she has been a part of Arundati Roy seem to have got bit unnerved and her recent attempt to call India “an imperialistic state” can again be assed by many psychologist as a behavior of a child who wines when not given due attention.

Her repeated attempts to call hindu as oppressors of various communities is also her sedition attempt to malign majority Indians, though let me categorically point out I am not a RSSwalla remotely so and neither do I support what occurred in Gujarat. She it seems thinks she is the sole correct person (along with the band of her anti-nationalist not to mention pseudo-intellectuals), even though her hateful speeches might result in partition of India. But ask her this question and pat would come the reply against Indian state probably because she is of a different republic that is republic of Arundati Roy.

Though what must be really taken into consideration by pseudo-intellectuals and azaadi chest beaters is:

  1. No one seems to talk about the first and the longest serving Prime-minister was a Kashmiri.
  2. No one seems to be talk about how the future of Kashmir is safe with India in terms of the economic development process as India is 2nd fastest growing nation after china in the world.
  3. No one seems to talk about the Kashmiri Boy topping the IAS civil services examination in 2010.
  4. No one seems to talk about that the region of Jammu and Kashmir doesnot only involves just Kashmir but rather: Jammu, Ladakh, Siachen and Kashmir.
  5. No one seems to talk about the fact that no one outside Kashmir can buy land in it even though it might be for the development of the state.
  6. No one seems to talk about the Pakistan’s attempt to break Kashmir in its occupied region where it has named gilgit as it province.
  7. No one seems to talk about the fact that Kashmir as an independent country will become a pawn in the hands of Pakistan, china and not to mention the Jihadist elements. Just as many breakaway new nations in the world have become.
  8. No one seems to talk about the ethnic cleansing which the Kashmiri Pundits had to go through via jihadis that their women and young girls were raped and men killed.
  9. No one seems to talk about the special status that Kashmir has in India.
  10. No one seems to talk about the Omar government’s incompetence nature in dealing with the problems of Kashmiri.
  11. No one seems to talk about the rise in infiltration from across the border in recent times when violence broke in Kashmir.
  12. No one seems to talk about Gilaani’s one point agenda : Pakistan
  13. No one seems to talk about the attack on Indian parliament.
  14. No seems to talk about killing of Indian security forces.
  15. No one seems to talk about Kashmiri’s working in Top Indian MNCs.
  16. No one seems to talk about the pain India takes to keep Kashmir happy.
  17. No one seems to talk about Pakistan’s submitting Aksai chin to china without asking the “azaadi prone” Kashmiris.
  18. No one seems to talk about Bhagat Singh’s belief in keeping India united but rather selectively quoting him and using him as an excuse to further their agendas.
  19. No one seems to talk about that according to US report Pakistan will be a failed state and chaos it will be bring will be ever lasting in the region.
  20. No one seems to talk about the fact that Arundati Roy can’t write a decent book and that she is writer’s rakhi Sawant.

But yes they will talk about India being wrong and Pakistan right, Kashmiri youth must

Understand that India is the best bet for them and a rightful place in the world but yes this is the Muslim youth of Kashmiri valley who need to understand it because the rest of the region already knows that.

Lastly one would like to put a reminder to Miss Arundati Roy just as one my friend puts it nicely:

“arundhatiji…if you are an ‘independent mobile republic’ do you not forfeit the moral right to protection at the hands of the police force that you criticize so vehemently???”