Bihar and bihari image has remained an enigma for many years to most Indians. The moment you think of Bihar there are stereotypical images that flash onto your memory namely Laloo Prasad yadav, poverty sickened Bihari and lawlessness. The movies like Gangajal and Aphaaran made by prakash jha and middle class bihari’s sending child away from bihar to study to an extend gave credibility to it. Though, the thing that confuses the rest of the India most is…

  1. Biharis make most in IAS, yet Bihar suffers.
  2. Biharis migrate and develop other states yet not Bihar.
  3. Biharis are hard working but Bihar is in a bad condition.
  4. People migrate from bihar to rest of India but not visa versa..
  5. Past of Bihar is glorious why not present?
  6. Why was no politician or political party developing Bihar?
  7. Is Bihar a burden on India?
  8. Is Bihar going to slow India’s economic rise?
  9. When will good education come in Bihar ever?
  10. Will industries be setup in Bihar ever?

Thought the question are many and hold true from rest of the India, the thing that mattered the most was the questions in a Bihari’s mind.

This election like last one was more about economics and governing capabilities than politics and one would like to keep it that way. In the growth of India the story of Bihar need not be left out (it is what Bihari want it seems). Though one can’t help it but see it more like a fight for self-respect or of Bihari pride  that has taken a severe beating in the last 3 decades (the political class it seemed was responsible for it).

The empowerment of womenfolk was also an issue, irrespective of the fact whether there is development or not, the respect of a woman needs to be maintained which it seems was fading in Bihar due to bad condition in law and order.

Therefore the election result of Bihar as it comes out has got to do more with Bihari pride and deep rooted desire for development. The development of state will do greater good for not only Bihar but rather for India too, wherein a Bihari need not have to travel so many kilometers away from his home to earn a living. Hopefully there might come a day when there would be reverse migration that is people from rest of the country would come to Bihar to study and work and its cities will be as good as in any other “developed” state ( high tech type with good infrastructure). Since the development of the country is more got to do with economic development of every state and certainly not just few cities, therefore the true integration and correct form of development needs to be a complete one.

The most important message would be for other states in terms of economic parameters, who use to accuse Biharis of taking  their jobs away (much like west do to India). When development of the regions like eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar would occur then the more regional fanatics and naxalism will erode(which in recent times have increased). Since we are all Indians and all need to be inclusive in the development of India, therefore no region should be left behind.

Though the setting up of the industries in Bihar is the point which will be “wait and watch” for many Indians. Microfinance has worked in Bihar and nitish government’s giving money instead of food grains for work, this has also improved the purchasing ability of Bihari(thereby boosted growth). The growth rate of 11.44 per cent State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP) during 2008-09 was achieved because Biharis had money in their hands to spend. There was also a record set that of 22 per cent SGDP in 2006-07.

The administrative capabilities and the economic policies of the new government would not only affect a Bihari in Bihar but rather Indians all over India because like the famous saying “you got clean your own mess”. The Biharis need to show their true brand by making their state as an accelerator of growth of India and yes the whole of India is watching with hope and optimism towards Bihar for the first time in two decades.