The power pack performance of Indian boxers at Asian games was better than any of their prior efforts. Indian boxers clinched two gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the Asiad.

This was also the first time that Indian boxers were able to win greater than a single gold medal in Asian games. This is the best ever performance by Indians beating earlier in 1984 Asian Games held in Seoul when they collected four silver and five bronze medals.

The coach Sandhu’s statement that asiad will be tough did make some people believe that boxers might not be able to re-live the glory of commonwealth games but that was not to be. It seems it was more like getting things started with low expectations. He later did point out that the boxers needed more rest and considering the commonwealth and Asian games were near each other, fitness would have become an issue. Luckily things went according to the plan and India gave its best performance in boxing till date in terms of medals.

The gold medals by Vijender and Vikas were first after dinko singh’s victory in 1998. Though it will be more special for Vikas all of 18 years old winning a gold at international level. Vijender for one can say farewell to the bronze medal jinx and now focus on gold for Olympics.  His win was truly remarkable since it came with a broken thumb and final scorecard read 7-0 ,showing the character of the boxer.

This time round there were 5 Indian boxers in final and everyone was wondering if all five could win. Though the expectations were bit exaggerated but it was bound to be citing the phenomenal rise of Indian boxing. Dinesh Kumar, Santosh Kumar and Manpreet Singh were also expected to win gold but their bouts went one sided and they all lost, though their loss none the less helped India get 3 silver medals and in no way undermined their achievements and efforts. The other boxers who won bronze were Suranjoy Singh, Paramjeet Samota, Mary Kom and Kavita Goyat.

Mary Kom was expected to win gold as she has been world boxing champion for more than 5 years but she had tough luck this asiad games, Hopefully she will turn the tables around in Olympics where woman boxing is featuring for the 1st time and get India gold.

Though the thing which was bothering is condition in which our stars still live. I read the article in Hindustan Times giving a view of the conditions in which the boxers have to train. The pics were of bhiwani boxing academy which has produced 4 Asian medal winners of 2010.

The pics did really showed the pathetic condition of training with broken coolers and no A/C facilities, dimly lit room and the worst one was the sanitation pic. I doubt this would be the treatment meted out our cricketers. The corporate world needs come up and help them since one doubts government might put an effort. If the government does help then it would be better as it is their job to make sure those who win medals for the country need to be given proper respect and good training facilities.

Haryana government has been making an effort in improving the lives of sportspersons and paying them handsomely, now it needs to look into the infrastructural short comings which is causing problem to the budding boxers.



  1. Vijender Singh              (75 kg Category)
  2. Vikas Krishan                (60 kg Category)


  1. Dinesh Kumar                (81 kg Category)
  2. Manpreet Singh            (91 Kg Category)
  3. Santosh Kumar             (64 Kg Category)


  1. MC Mary Kom            ( Woman 51 kg Category)
  2. Kavita Goyat                (Woman 75 kg Category)
  3. Suranjoy Singh            (52 kg Category)
  4. Paramjeet Samota      (+91 kg Category super heavy weight)