They alone are true, whose love for God is deep and heart-felt.

Those who have one thing in their heart, and something else in their mouth, are judged to be false.

Those who are imbued with love for the Lord, are delighted by His Vision.

Those who forget the Naam, the Name of the Lord, are a burden on the earth.

Those whom the Lord attaches to the hem of His robe, are the true dervishes at His Door.

Blessed are the mothers who gave birth to them, and fruitful is their coming into the world.

O Lord, Sustainer and Cherisher, You are infinite, unfathomable and endless.

Those who recognize the True Lord – I kiss their feet.

I seek Your Protection – You are the Forgiving Lord.

Please, bless Shaykh Fareed with the bounty of Your meditative worship.

The day of the bride’s wedding is pre-ordained.

On that day, the Messenger of Death, of whom she had only heard, comes and shows its face.

It breaks the bones of the body and pulls the helpless soul out.

That pre-ordained time of marriage cannot be avoided. Explain this to your soul.

The soul is the bride, and death is the groom. He will marry her and take her away.

After the body sends her away with its own hands, whose neck will it embrace?

The bridge to hell is narrower than a hair; haven’t you heard of it with your ears?

Fareed, the call has come; be careful now – don’t let you be robbed.

Separated from God, my body burns like an oven,

My bones burn like firewood.

To meet the Beloved I would walk until my feet were tired,

I would walk on my head.

[ Guru Nanak comments:] You need not burn yourself like an oven,

need not inflame your bones.

Why torture your poor limbs?

Behold the Beloved in your own heart.

Do not utter even a single harsh word; your True Lord and Master abides in all.

Do not break anyone`s heart; these are all priceless jewels.

The minds of all are like precious jewels; to harm them is not good at all.

If you desire your Beloved, then do not break anyone`s heart.