Now since summers have already begun in India (especially in Delhi ) and temperatures are souring 39-40 degree Celsius. I one day thought to have some butter Milk ( better known as Laasi in north India). There are two types of Laasis: sweet and sour one. If it is summer time and sun is at top, most enjoy sweet laasi as it provides respite from heat.  Additionally I also though of having some Rajma chawal ( Red beans with gravy and rice). This is one of the many popular dishes in north India.

So in order to have a good food and delightful laasi which would make me happy, I ventured out in the afternoon hunting for the right spot to eat. The sun was at it best and so was the heat. Hoping that my efforts would not go wasted, I marched on. There are certain places in north India where one can find exquisite laasi’s and rajma chawal but they are few in number and scattered. So if one wishes to have same experience hoping to find the same quality then one should target food joints.

The food joints famous for such food are :

The above mentioned joints are quite famous and one is most likely to find them in places they reside or are working. I saw Bikanerwalla so it was as good as others and I ventured in. The rice and the gravy dish was of Rs 90 and Laasi was of Rs 60 ( it was worth that amount, usually you can get cheaper than that too).

The gravy with red beans was tasty as it had the right spices in it. In India spices are a must for any gravy or dish. To be honest I went there for laasi but the dish was a double delight. The laasi had cream in it and was thick (ie heavy), it was just like curd in viscosity. It was served in a mud made glass which is a rarity in India and with cream on top, this was done to provide the traditional look to it. In regional languages the glass is known as Kullar. The joint also had many variety of sweets. From laados to kaju ki barfee (in all styles). The whole site brought water to my mouth. My eyes however were placed firmly on mango laasi.

I must say that mango laasi was not that which I expected and I concluded it is better to drink mango shake that mango laasi. None the less I try to have laasi on a daily basis as I found it just perfect. ( additionally I haven’t drunk it for a year now so was dying to have a taste of it).  I am sure those who enjoy laasi would feel the same. There  are various sizes of glasses to for having laasi depending upon the capacity of the drinker 🙂 ,  ( but that is in home or in certain food outlets, not all offer it).  The experience was a good one and one wishes to go again may be in a different joint from bikanerwalle just to find out about its competition and enjoy some good LASSI !