The winters in Delhi more so importantly in national capital region is something most north Indians look forward too. The arrival of winter in its truest sense is defined along with arrival of a certain smell which many enjoy, the smell of flowers blossoming.

Saptaparni tree in full bloom has this  smell which is  just calming and perfect. This however is not true for entire day, but rather sets in during the night ( usually after 6, when the dark sets in). Therefore in order to catch the smell I deliberately leave office late.

The remarkable part however is how much old men enjoy this so much.The other day when I bought some stuff from an old man ( who might be above 65 I think)  and had a conversation with him about the smell and he told me about the whole Saptaparni tree. The thing which struck me most is that old people are like an ocean of knowledge and so many stories which certainly “younger”  aged people may not be. The young  and youth however rarely gives them chance to let it go or vent out. ( barring ANNA HAZARE ofcourse)

On a side note, speaking about  this  “ocean of knowledge” :

Now this is something I would say that I have seen from a personal experience. I have a friend (who if reading will understand that I am talking about him), the equation that he shares with his grandfather makes me question alot. For eg, whenever I have seen him sit next to his grandfather (which is behest of only when his grandfather has called him). The situation he shows via his body language is that he seems to be having a constipation problem (atleast that is how his face becomes) or he is under tremendous stress. Mind you now this grandfather of his is very  “refined” and  “all class”  but somehow he is not able to speak freely in-front of him. Since he being the eldest of all the cousins , he kinda sets the standards which are followed by his young siblings. ( so you see how the others might have similar issues, emulating him).I on the other hand seem to have good rapport with his grandfather , may be because I donot shy away from speaking my mind and listening, whereas my friend here has this  fear.

Now I speak on this because old people both men and women have so much stories to tell you, it is a shame that not many appreciate that now days.

Coming back to the topic,  the winters have special connection to north India and many enjoy it. Now the bathing is the fun part, I for one bath with cold water till the time in winter I can and have the will power to do so.  Most would say that is just ridiculous but well there are some points to counter that too.

  1. It cools your body and mind.
  2. The circulation of blood is better.
  3. You don’t feel that cold.
  4. You can enjoy winters with just a shirt  and trousers on.
  5. Be a stud  (okey, that I included because I needed a 5th point 🙂 )

The things which make me like winters more is that you can actually enjoy tea or coffee ( though I like to avoid the latter). The school time was however different. In my school one had to get up at 5 am, since my school bus was there at 6 am ( which I without doubt use to ALWAYS miss and had to go to another bus stop to catch it). In schools winters were best for all kinds of stuff ( now don’t get naughty, I haven’t mentioned anything) .

People with their blazers and sweaters. Studs with just shirts on……… (they wore trousers too, just in case people might get a wrong visual) and girls well now that depended on alot on which “gang”  they were in. ( plus I donot wish to talk school gossips on my blog).

The college however was more  “adventurous“, since engineering rarely is “boring”. It is always a fight there. The winters were “accepted” with semester exams, which many fought hard  “bravely“. Reaching the examination spot was the most awesome part of the whole day. Guys jam packed in cars studying like hell and the “driver” guy who was usually one of us, listening to the lectures. The fogs were just outrageous which usually arrived in the months of December and January.  ( it has not arrived yet otherwise I would have put the pic).

The most notable part of the winters in national capital region or NCR is that evenings use to come early. At 5 pm things are dark. If you are in plains with not many building, then you in direct attack of chilly winds.

The winters have just begun………. I hope to see loads of  fog and hope that one can get good pic which one could post on the blog…… WINTERS, definitely is the time to be.