Like most of the Indians yesterday I was in for a news. Honestly the Indian cricket team has not been performing well and I have been trying my best to avoid writing about the humiliation they are going over there. 4-0 loss is bit too much after 4-0 loss via England. The news of Yuvraj not playing was no doubt an issue, as one thought that after the “remarkable” world cup, he must have got into “the Zone“. Where he could perform well even in Test Matches which is truly the final frontier for him to conquer in cricket field after MAN OF the TOURNAMENT he got in world cup (in 50 over one days and helping India win 20-20 over world cup too), which equates him to Mohinder Amarnath who got same reward for getting India the 60 over world cup of 1983.

Past few months have been full of speculations as to what is the illness and how serious it is. Now they say that it is a rare form of the disease called germ cell seminoma.

Now without doubt the doctor who gave wrong diagnosis is getting all the blame, but Yuvraj is doing whatever to protect people with “honest” mistakes. Any way when last to last year people had given up on him that he may not return to Indian side he came back and that too with a BANG. ( I for one always told my friends who said that he was out of the picture now… that some people just are born fighters.)

Now it seems that he has a bigger battle in his hand, which like all his fans I believe he would win easily just as he smashed poor little Stuart Broadout of the park for six sixes. This time when he returns he would be a TRUE CHAMPION (not that he isn’t already but earlier he was just in cricketing terms).One would be keeping track of his updates via his twitter account which one has been following since time immemorial.  Good luck to Yuvraj for recovering because whole of India will be waiting for another come back, this time too but with a BIGGER BANG.