For over sometime,I have switched onto Ubuntu operating system. Not that I do not use Windows , rather I have created a dual boot scenario in my computer wherein I can “enjoy” both operating systems, Ubuntu and windows 7.

As we all were “raised” on windows, so most of us first use it. It is usually our “introduction” to computers. Though many “non-geeks” do not know that Ubuntu or Linux if I can call it ( it is the most user friendly form of Linux)was one of the first operating systems to be used in 1970s but it was not as cool as it is now and neither as user friendly.

Windows has many features which makes it favorable to masses, such as marketing by microsoft and many applications developed in windows platform from gaming to anti viruses you name it and it will be there. But there is a catch, that it COSTS.

Yes it is a right interpretation if you have made it already that Ubuntu doesnot costs a cent unlike it “brother linux” MAC which earns a fortune. Mac’s platforms is too Linux based on which “customized” coding is done and made “cool”(correct me if I wrong).

So inorder to “pitch in” for Ubuntu I would like to make some arguments in its favours which would help the reader in understanding as to why most of  “computer geeks” or students of IT ( It is abbreviation for information technology guys and not Income Tax, thought of clearing that doubt) like it fanatically and use it more often in their systems.

First of all it is easy to install, you can download the ubuntu image from Then one can burn the image onto the cd and run it. Installation is pretty much simple.For those who wish to install it and are having problems then kindly look to the above link provided. It has given a step by step process for installation.


It is easily upgradable and updated too. All you need to do is run

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

or follow the following link for GUI style upgrade, although one would like to pin point that upgrade window tends to get popped up all the time as per Operating systems requirements and recommendations.


It is way fast than windows.The booting time of Ubuntu(Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition)is a mere 7-8 seconds. Windows users keep staring at the screen! Moreover Windows Operating System tends to slow down over time, but that`s not the case with Ubuntu.

Free softwares available. Ubuntu has a community where it is encouraged to develop new tools and softwares and upload it for free. This could be easily installed all the user needs to do is to go synaptic package manager in system ——–>administration ——->synaptic package manager.
There are as many software available as one like, though none of those used in windows (this is linux platform). Therefore those who love games build on windows platform might have problem but for that you can use virtual box application or create a dual boot like I have created(will write a post on how to create dual boot). Many may feel that playing movies may also be an issue but it is not, you can in VLC media player or download it from synaptic package manager. One is able to find and download softwares as per requirement. From debugging tools to photo resolution tools all are there. As far as browser goes than Mozilla Firefox browser another freeware tool and one used most often (windows explorer is obsolete, so those who use I recommend it and not google chrome which many fancy now days since it  launch). Firefox offers many add-ons which are again better and build using an open community. (for firefox I would be writing another article so stay tuned).
Virus free. Yes that is true as most people use windows so exploiters target that platform from PDF files to XML files and games. All have been targets of computer thiefs. Since not many like to use Ubuntu therefore the exploiters donot target it. Though many have now retreated that some viruses have been build  for linux platform but their ability is highly disputed. Even if the virus is build then an anti-virus could be installed all for FREE from system ——–>administration ——->synaptic package manager.  Whereas an anti-virus in windows would cost near about  $30.
Root Account Disabled by Default:
This provides good security. Ubuntu functions so that the usercreated during installation is part of the sudo users group and can do root user tasks once authenticated. This means that any Ubuntu computer effectively has a different root user name and since root is the most attacked account on a Linux box, the Ubuntu computer becomes very secure for not having this account enabled by default.
Hardware – Linux is perfect for those old computers with barely any processing power or memory you have sitting in your garage or basement collecting dust. Install Linux and use it as a firewall, a file server, or a backup server. There are endless possibilities. Old 386 or 486 computers with barely any RAM run Linux without any issue. It also offers hardware recognition.
 The on-line support for Ubuntu is amazing. This distribution is rather new compared to other Linux variants, but the amount of documentation out there already is nothing to shake a stick at. offers a daily necessity for tips and tricks and general support.