I really have a question in my mind after watching my hits on the blog and traffic flow on 6 Oct 2012. Usually my blog is very relaxed and tends to get 200-300 hits on average days worldwide, but that day on 6 Oct 2012. It went WILD with 1024 hits, for a time I thought it must be 1024 bytes of memory.

If we look at the above pic “imaginatively” , the stat standing out really seems to be like a finger standing up, atleast that was what my friends suggested to me when they saw the stats page.

The amazing thing being that I got maximum hits from Canada ie 752 or as many north Indians like to call KANEDA (a slang word for Canada motor-mouthed by village bums in north India)

I fail to understand the correlation between  6 Oct 2012 and KANEDA going viral on my blog !

Surprising to me is why would that be ? Is someone trying to tell me something or as It appears on my stats window, SHOWING ME THE FINGER  ?