I am a techie who has completed Bachelor in engineering from Delhi . I am an avid reader ,writer and researcher. I like to read on topics varying from culture, science, technology  ,philosophy, psychology, economics to politics.

  • Delhiite by birth
  • Hyderabadi by Heart
  • Punekar by Undertaking
  • Bangalorean by Aspiration
  • Indian by Choice

The objective of this blog is trying to raise those issues which some consider irrelevant and topics which made me think and about things which I observed.

Undoubtedly like any other opinion there might be differences but since one was born and brought up in a  Free, Republic and Democratic Country , one  believes that every view must be listened and acknowledged appropriately.

For in these very views lie the freedom, liberty and equality of an individual.

PS: There are travel pics, movies review ,music discussions and book reviews too. So I am not that serious all the time as the above lines might make me out be. 😀

Additionally, Some of pics which are not mine, I have provided a link to the original posts. Though no monetary gains are understood to be made, therefore kindly DONOT crucify the blogger. The blog is made to raise awareness and not to raise money.