Smoking is nuisance about which everybody seems to know but those who smoke choose to look the other way and the biggest culprit in this case is usually the movies which come out in the market portraying it as cool and macho.

Though what is remarkable to see is that how these companies are able to cater it to female stating that  they will be liberated from the clutches of men and  a modern , independent woman smokes a lit bit everyday to show off her freedom and encourage other women to do so by becoming their role models .

There have been many awareness campaigns and studies but it seems not only the uneducated but boys and girls from respectable schools in India and the world find it hard to let go.

One of my friend narrates the incident as to how he started smoking thinking it was cool , in his case he was trying to emulate his elder brother whom he considered to be rockstar and  famous among girls.

He started with light smoking cigarette but to be a man stared smoking heavier cigarettes and in some cases smokes 10-12 cigarettes daily.  When he realized that it was getting too much and destroying his health , he tried to leave it and was successful for 1 month at a stretch too but the body`s desire as reported by him was so strong that he stared it back.

Men have had a history of smoking but things which are the most worry some is that young girls have stared smoking in big numbers. The girls who smoke are either from a poor family or rich and now it seems the wanna be culture has emerged in which young girls don’t want to be left behind in the  party circuit and not want an uncool label from guys in whose eyes they want to be HOT , sexyand available.

If you tell them that smoking is bad and it kills then they have one straight answer for you :

In US girls smoke and in Europe too,  India is such a backward nation , no gender equality “.

It is but remarkable to see how these tobacco  companies are able to get new “clients” , even after a vociferous campaign by the Government and NGOs.

The whole notion that they pass that cigratte amounts to freedom and in movies actors must be allowed to smoke in order to maintain  “artistic rights ” of the movie is completely bogus.

A remarkable movie was also made in this regard in US , though it was a hilarious comedy but it did send out a smart message but it seems that greed plays a bigger role in today`s life after all life of another human being is easily disposable till you are getting what you want.

Animal Kingdom in full swing 🙂