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She was born in Shillong on November 24, 1961, to a Bengali Hindu father and a Syrian Christian mother, she spent her childhood in Kerala before moving to Delhi, where she studied architecture and wrote film scripts.

She has also acted in an offbeat film “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones”. Her modest background and fighting the tedious daily grind, the 49-year-old “dead writer” got financially liberated when her first novel “The God of Small Things” was conferred the Booker Prize. Her essays on contemporary issues fired Indian elites’ imagination. The award brought her International recognition and a platform to hold forth on issues that caught her attention.

Baring a single book that won her bookers’ prize, Arundati Roy has not written a single book which might actually be good for conversation. Yet she has found way and ways to stay in the controversies be it the Narmada, her endorsements of Naxals or be it calling herself the mobile republic and now sedition attempt.

Since it has been a decade when she wrote the novel which gained any recognition, her repeated attempt to hog the limelight is a good reflection of trying to remain in the news. It is without doubt replicating behavioral characteristics exhibited by those of Rakhi Sawant (who with her latest show Rakhi Ka Insaaf is trying her best), Mallika Sehrawat (with her feminist onslaughts) or so better Paris Hilton(with her love animals and cocaine). In a recent interview with barkha Dutt on the launch of this book , Ramchandra Guha very well said “neither” upon being asked by Barkha Dutt whether he considers Arundati Roy as writer or a scholar.

Arundati Roy’s claims are powered by one of her ideas, where she says that more you spit on your country and call names to it, the cooler you would be (apparently she is unhappy with Indian government, since they donot seek advice from her on topics she has opinion on). Her supporters repeated attempts to call “Indian nationalism as the last refuge of a scoundrel” is laughable. These very pseudo-intellectuals having their “Indian passports” are hiding behind quotes of others exhibiting a scoundrel behavior. One guesses that act being a pseudo-intellectual involves in generating sensationalism in order to get attention. After all coffee shop debates where you are all dressed up to “debate” doesn’t get you much recognition (exception from people taking your order).

Seeing herself as a failure in every event in which she has been a part of Arundati Roy seem to have got bit unnerved and her recent attempt to call India “an imperialistic state” can again be assed by many psychologist as a behavior of a child who wines when not given due attention.

Her repeated attempts to call hindu as oppressors of various communities is also her sedition attempt to malign majority Indians, though let me categorically point out I am not a RSSwalla remotely so and neither do I support what occurred in Gujarat. She it seems thinks she is the sole correct person (along with the band of her anti-nationalist not to mention pseudo-intellectuals), even though her hateful speeches might result in partition of India. But ask her this question and pat would come the reply against Indian state probably because she is of a different republic that is republic of Arundati Roy.

Though what must be really taken into consideration by pseudo-intellectuals and azaadi chest beaters is:

  1. No one seems to talk about the first and the longest serving Prime-minister was a Kashmiri.
  2. No one seems to be talk about how the future of Kashmir is safe with India in terms of the economic development process as India is 2nd fastest growing nation after china in the world.
  3. No one seems to talk about the Kashmiri Boy topping the IAS civil services examination in 2010.
  4. No one seems to talk about that the region of Jammu and Kashmir doesnot only involves just Kashmir but rather: Jammu, Ladakh, Siachen and Kashmir.
  5. No one seems to talk about the fact that no one outside Kashmir can buy land in it even though it might be for the development of the state.
  6. No one seems to talk about the Pakistan’s attempt to break Kashmir in its occupied region where it has named gilgit as it province.
  7. No one seems to talk about the fact that Kashmir as an independent country will become a pawn in the hands of Pakistan, china and not to mention the Jihadist elements. Just as many breakaway new nations in the world have become.
  8. No one seems to talk about the ethnic cleansing which the Kashmiri Pundits had to go through via jihadis that their women and young girls were raped and men killed.
  9. No one seems to talk about the special status that Kashmir has in India.
  10. No one seems to talk about the Omar government’s incompetence nature in dealing with the problems of Kashmiri.
  11. No one seems to talk about the rise in infiltration from across the border in recent times when violence broke in Kashmir.
  12. No one seems to talk about Gilaani’s one point agenda : Pakistan
  13. No one seems to talk about the attack on Indian parliament.
  14. No seems to talk about killing of Indian security forces.
  15. No one seems to talk about Kashmiri’s working in Top Indian MNCs.
  16. No one seems to talk about the pain India takes to keep Kashmir happy.
  17. No one seems to talk about Pakistan’s submitting Aksai chin to china without asking the “azaadi prone” Kashmiris.
  18. No one seems to talk about Bhagat Singh’s belief in keeping India united but rather selectively quoting him and using him as an excuse to further their agendas.
  19. No one seems to talk about that according to US report Pakistan will be a failed state and chaos it will be bring will be ever lasting in the region.
  20. No one seems to talk about the fact that Arundati Roy can’t write a decent book and that she is writer’s rakhi Sawant.

But yes they will talk about India being wrong and Pakistan right, Kashmiri youth must

Understand that India is the best bet for them and a rightful place in the world but yes this is the Muslim youth of Kashmiri valley who need to understand it because the rest of the region already knows that.

Lastly one would like to put a reminder to Miss Arundati Roy just as one my friend puts it nicely:

“arundhatiji…if you are an ‘independent mobile republic’ do you not forfeit the moral right to protection at the hands of the police force that you criticize so vehemently???”

There has been raging debate over the whole topic of honour killing which is usually associated with the female choosing the partner they want to marry and the law it seems is siding with the “elopers” or should I say “lovers“. It is their fundamental right to do what ever they want, a quote used bit too much , though one guesses that they never heard FREEDOM IS NOT FREE (Engraved in Washington, US)

The pseudo-intellectuals of the country have classified this phenomenon as barbaric with some even going to the extent to say that these caste people are dumb.Nalini Singh on Times Now said that these “uneducated traditional people associate family honour with women’s body” . Undoubtedly the little speech she gave would fit with the self appointed “modern ” groups, but can it really or will it really be acceptable in any traditionalist (read backward) society.

For the last few months our news channels seem to be buzz with the couples eloping and then asking for the police protection. Some news channels in this “post-modern era” wish to be “modern” and want to help them out without understanding the complete story behind them, but who gives a shit when TRPSare soaring man( good money for vacations abroad).

In a way it is seen as that these very couples are the REAL Indians and the offsprings out of such a union will be the REAL face of MODERN India as they would eradicate old customs which reportedly some consider to be ANCIENT or MEDIEVAL (read Not India rather a barbaric land after all doggies wanna be like their British masters).

Therefore wishing to establish MODERN customs in this post-modern era.  ( Read power hold and vote banks of future politicians, maybe journalists with a difference, may be me)

For starters these modern thinks are outdated themselves. One have also read regarding some lines in the news papers stating that She Trusted and he betrayed”  citing references to the brother who betrayed his sister. One would not like to go into the whole murder angle as murder is unlawful and religious text too denounce it but certainly in this quote “She Trusted and he betrayed”.


What is trust to begin with ? Is it the liability only of the male to keep (in this case brother). Is elopement not breach of trust from girl’s side (though the pseudos have answer to that too)?

A brother, father , mother and even other sisters when feel that things are going smooth and if one of the siblings goes out on a daily routine to get with daily chores in which she/he  might have to go out of the vicinity of her/his family members. The family happily awaits her/his arrival that she/he would come at so and so time , usually mothers have this TRUST on daughters more. If the girl never turns up, the family does takes a hit and a manhunt is launched  for her safety but the soon realize that she has infact married and wants them to accept her along with her “new husband”. Will this action not amount to the statement that “THEY TRUSTED  AND SHE BETRAYED” or “He TRUSTED and she BETRAYED ” ?

Whereas if the boy never turned up, well for that we have line readyShe TRUSTED and he BETRAYED” (in this case mother is betrayed one guesses ? )

Is the media not selective of what they are portraying , some maybe trying live their “dream to be Heros” ? Undoubtably people might say it is love and people have it is different ? Really , I thought it is more about sex(the mating game, probably DISCOVERY andNATGEO did get it wrong bullocks).

The fundamental rights are none the less prevalent after all every body has got the right to get laid (barring some, i guess Khap should be that) but shouldn’t there be a conversation between the respective parties or the dialogue is considered futile and mind you doesn’t the young generation gets inspired by such acts and follow suit( ie DDLJ syndrome, thought louvveeed the movie, I hope not sounding gay ?).

Some would debate it is good if they do and would be elated with such a thought but the big question is what sect do these people belong too and what ideology are they trying to propagate ( are they Pakistani funded sect trying to destroy Indian culture or better US funded social workers pouring in Dollar culture like they do in Iraq or Afghanistan and plz don’t throw Indian constitutional value, because many who speak such tone are actually the biggest perpetrators.)

In all one really doubts the whole view presented regarding the whole betrayal thing and believes it is more of personal views full of judgments being aired by the  media and especially some channels who believe in Populous than Popular News where in fact the are airing their own views just to get better TRPS.

Lastly folks who shout over the roof top about love, first look into the definition of love then look in to love for opposite sex and third  it is not love but rather SEX that both are after and using different vocabulary for same feeling would not fool many. The fall out of this MODERN view is that lower middle class parents are feeling threatened and they are asking for reduction of marriage age.

I guess the best way for the law makers should be is to take the girls away from the families or communities they feel potentially “threatening” and keep them in foster homes till they are 18 year or have blossomed so that they can marry their sexual-mate (sic .. sorry love), because otherwise these “daughter-owners” will “destroy constitution of India”  and usually these potential destroyers consist of these bloody warrior races named jat, rajput, gujjar or Ahir.

WONDER WHAT THE FUSS is all about ? What the f*** is this selective targeting of girl by muslim report shit( some guys are doped all the time).

After all isn’t the job for these lowly educated to just  die for the nation whereas rest “educated” lot can teach love to the younger more “understanding” lot (did i say females ).

Anyway , why the hell am I writing maybe I want to be the jurno-politician and want to have my article written which the editor threw to dustbin or simply because i am a loser or may be someone NEVER in love, picK your thought and who cares till the girl getting laid is not your daughter or sister.   JAI HIND and JAI MAHARASHTRA (thought of wooing shiv sena too 🙂 ) !—2/videoshow/4348041.cms#ooid=JlZ3RoMTrESKQhIBuKv1n2HryJH2LIXz

Love ,sex aur dhoka (LSD)

Love, sex aur dhoka is a 3 story film which has been for one gained critical acclimation from all the people perhaps because it is “path breaking”  movie not to say that that it “inspires” it from movie look , UDAAN ,DPS MMS scandel, Jat honour killings and yes shakti kapoor casting couch ways. I wonder is it ekta kapoor’ s way of getting back to her critics or people she doesn’t like.

Story 1 :

The most importantly the 1st story about “upper caste” girl and “lower caste” boy is essentially about jat girl and quota boy.  The girls name is “Shruti Dahiya” , Dahiya is jat clan in Haryana and sonipat district and why not make a film out on the atrocities after all the topic is high on Indian population’s imagination, recent honour killings ( Good for business of the movie, any way the whole world seems to think that jats have a shitty culture, not to mention “not allowing” their women to sleep (sic) sorry make love with whom they want; that is sooooo Medieval not to mention ancient and CHEAP )

Now all girls of JATs can take notice of it and fight for their “love” as India is with them, f*** these big ego highly sexual chauvinistic Jat men (look at poor Mallika sherawat she wanted to run naked and they didnot allow her, so backward, cheap and ancient. Now since she is “strong” and “emancipated” she cannot be found with much clothes on), F*** them.


The second story revolves around the MMS scandel that rocked DPS and the nation with it. At least the promoters of movie are certainly into it. This time two new comers are there, the girl who is pictured here is some attendant at a shop and is lured on the pretext of the bet between two friends.The story is average but certainly a seen was “exceptional” which people want to see. The female in real life says that her parents never watch movie and it was on behest of her neighbors that her family got to know about her little adventure , the shocking story director wanted people to see might not be able to shock others or  but certainly Miss Chauhan’s parent will be shocked after watching this movie !

Story 3 :

The story three is about shakti kapoor simply !

Watch it yourself and tell that it is NOT a copy of Movie LOOK, though Miss Ekta Kapoor might not agree and neither will her director who had this brilliant “innovative” and “creative” idea upon watching thousands of short movies in the “competition” they organized. Nice seems like mahesh bhatt has competition now.

The SHkati kapoor scandal has already played it part but still it seems that dibakar banerjee was more inclined to catch on the “voyeuristic ” nature of Indian audience but yes it is all “real” and experimental to say and not “copied” but “refreshing“. Some critics went on to give them 4/5 rating some even gave 4.5/5 , after all why NOT ?

These very critics seem to have got bored watching lovely-dovely movies and wanted something to” shocks” them , not to say “amuse them”. The fact that the movie gives “a message” that is Indians are voyeuristic but certainly are helping in the very lines they accuse others of ( Hypocrite, nooo they are just movie makers trying to make a living , “shocking” people) . Not to mention that they are paid to watch these movies and most importantly sometime (paid under the table, sorry for the bureaucratic word) supported in finding true cinema, after all it is India ( Everyone has got a right).

A BBC series that you are more likely to enjoy than the movie and is certainly MORE realistic !

The cast are as follows :

  • Anshuman Jha ( The Uday chopra oh sorry adi chopra Fan, need i say more)
  • Shruti aka Miss Braocha ( Shruti is not her real name, probaly walking on mallika sehrawat‘s footsteps)
  • Raj Kumar Yadav ( Trying to make his mark using MMS)
  • Neha Chauhan ( her family reportedly doesn’t watch movies, surely them will be in for a shocker watching her banged)
  • Amit Sial ( Trying to make his mark using sting operation)
  • Arya ( The girl who got Aaaooouuuu )
  • Harry Tangdi ( aaaaooouuuu, yes guessed it RIGHT !)

and the director : Dibakar Baneerje ( fame of Oye lucky lucky oye, Khosla ka ghosla, probably feeling the direct “offbeat cinema” via LSD or i guess Ekta Kapoor syndrome getting to him)

Pune and the fashion trend !!!

Hardeep Singh and Sahil Singh went for some family work to Mumbai, there the TWo SINGH s` decided to meet their beloved friend Lakra who was cooling his bum off in pune and Dhawal was picked up in the way from dadar.

later Anujj Sethi was also brought from symbiosis pune, the greatest institution there has ever been !!!!

There the ” Quatro + 1 ” saw strange fashion by pune women which immediately mesmerized The elder SINGH and he wondered ::::::::::

Hardeepee ::: why do girls where mask here ? ie chuni rapt around there faces ?

Dhawal ::::: Paaji here females donot want to die of lung cancer……..

Hardeepee ::::: Why are delhi girls on a suicide mission .. ?

Lakra (interrupting) :::: areey jo baat yahan vo vahan kahan…. ?

little Singh (me, wondering as usual) ::::::: I think there are many “toatas” here…so in order to exhibit their beauty they cover there faces ?

Lakra,Dhawal, hardeepee( Together) ::::: “New york” has spoiled our little kids……………..

Anujj Sethi ( as if film ended) ::: chalo picture katam, ab gaddi mein petrol dalvaoo, mufaat ki ser nahi hai !!!! aur ab khana khanne chalte hai GERMAN BAKERY
(trust me no German owner there……)

In between we thought of going to Osho ashram ,But hardeepee and sahilee need to go back to mumbai for important work…..

( so osho dhaam not possible !!!!!)

Though the question still remain about the mystery behind female wearing cloth over their respective faces , why is so ?

1. Is it fashion ?
2. Are they old school ?
3. Does their family asks them ?
4. Too much pollution in pune ?
5. A gang war brewing in pune among girls unknown to government there ?
6. Is Pune turning fanatic ?
7. Are girls there too beautiful ?
8. Are girls there inspired by the philosophy that beauty lies in the eye of beholder in this case their.. ?
(because that is only visible of their face )
9. Are they feminist ?
10 Are they starting MAFIA WARS there ?
11. Fight between the “Hype” girls and ” traditional ” girls ?
12. They have no other work to do ?
13. Naxalite have recruited pune girls ?
14. An under cover women commando force there ?
15. Its their city and they want it to be different ?
16. I Am stupid , there nothing to this issue ?
(creating hue and cry for no reason……….. Buffoon !!! )

One wonders about all these questions does somebody has answers ?????

haiii koi , haiin hainn hainn…………… haiiiin ?

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