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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

For Your failure teaches you how to succeed

It has been more than a month, since I ran Tata Mumbai marathon(TMM) 2020 on 19 Jan. It is one of the grandest events in India and it draws many runners across India and Globe. I was too drawn towards it due to the limelight and recommendation from my runner friends. I had in year 2019, run 10 Half Marathons and 1 Full Marathon, hence I thought I was prepared for my first TMM

The BIB collection centre for TMM was well organised and with good add-ons for those who prefer to buy them such as shoes, T-shirts, running socks and glasses etc. It had nice game activities and food stall too, I took my BIB in the last hour, so nearly missed it.

Although, they have started to give T-Shirts only for Full marathons, not sure the reason when people are willing to pay the amount. The registration fees charges are on a higher side, than most other marathons in the country.

TMM is always billed as the biggest marathon of the year which needs/boosts participation, more on the scenes of party atmosphere in which the entire Mumbai descends on the streets to either Run or Cheer.

For the record, I usually run in Pune, where the weather is colder and less humid than Mumbai, in short, a good running atmosphere. I am still an amateur runner, since I started my running journey in August 2018.

I eventually ran my first 10km race in College of Military Engineering (CME),Pune on Sep 2018. I have learned that every race teaches you something and TMM 2020 was a learning experience.

I realised that major thing that went wrong in this marathon was the discipline before the race which was not adhered too, in a full marathon one need to maintain it for 1 week before the race to start. I was taking things causally even 1 day before the race, doing things which might have affected muscle strength and stamina.

I thought after completing my first full marathon in CME in 5:20 hr (a very pedestrian time), I will be able to improve it to under 5 Hours easily to target 4:30 hrs in next full marathon.

However, before giving the exam if your preparation is not right and student is blithe, then the result will most likely be a disaster. Although last few months have not been that well (professional and personal), so I took this failure in my stride.

For when you embrace your failure, you empower yourself and focus on overcoming your shortfalls, in process allow yourself for thorough analysis of unwanted outcome. Hoping that this case study can be helpful to other fellow runners.

Few points I released went against me, as follows

  • Overconfidence
    • I ran Powai Half Marathon on 5 Jan 2020 on an easy pace with completion time of 2:12 hrs.
    • Ideally the full marathon time is supposed to be 2(half marathon time) + 30 mins.
    • Hence, in my case I thought 2(2:12) +30 mins nearly 4:55 hrs.
    • The catch being the temperature on 5 Jan 2020, was Pune type.

  • Discipline
    • Did not follow the tried and tested process of hydration with plain water, a day before race.
    • Protein loading for muscles was not done, day before the race.
    • Casual attitude entire week before the race

  • Electrolyte overloading
    • This I think became a major drawback, since in my zeal to improve my time and prevent cramps. I drank entire pouch of electrolyte in a 1 Litre copper bottle (still not sure if copper bottle played a negative role)
    • Post this intake, before bed time, I went for glass of Milk (for boost in energy).
    • Due to this misadventure, I had all the symptoms of electrolytes overloading which includes nausea, vomiting, stomach upset.

  • T-shirt for the race
    • When running a full, make sure your T-shirt is light and well ventilated.
    • Otherwise after 14-17 km, the body will start to heat up and a non-breathable T-Shirt will spike the heart-rate, which happened with me. I had to slow down and pause in the race multiple times due to this.

2 hours before race I was not sure if my body was race ready. I dreaded the situation since, I was running 42 km and not 10 km, additionally I did not want to wait for entire year to run TMM again (Who knows what shall happen then?)

I knew, it will be tough race and true test of my character and will. The night’s mishap had left me with no stored food to run on and little weaker. I took few medicines off the counter from 24×7 medical shop, along with 5-6 Snicker chocolates and 1 Litre water bottle to hydrate.

I took the cab from my residence and it arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or CST as it is called around 4:50 am. The race started around 5:30 AM for us, post 15 mins scheduled time. I was clubbed with C group runners, based on my 21 km time submission for 42km application (it was 2:20 hr with target time of completion as 4:45 hr, and boy the target time was going for a toss).

For the initial section of the race, I ran with the comfortable pace, till we reached Bandra-Worli Sea Link, it was around 17 km from the start point that things start to become difficult for me. My heart rate spiked and T-shirt was not helpful, I took a pause and clicked few pics on the sea link as others were doing, got some hydration.

I was purposefully avoiding the electrolytes, the race supporting staff offered. However, I knew the writing on the wall, in spite of my spirited start, it will be a downhill now, I was not able to match my initial 17 km pace till end of the race.

I was trying to maintain a 6:30 min/km pace to finish it in 5 hours, it is a very comfortable pace for me, as I have completed 10km in 54 mins which amount to 5:30 min/km speed (trying to improve my time). In the case of 42 km we need to save energy for long and cannot sprint run in it.

I found the support system on the race day wanting, the nutrient support was not good, I got the first fruit post 27km and there were no dry fruits or Dates (which are highly recommended for such runs).

I was missing everything which was available in my first full marathon in college of Military Engineering, Army does take good care of you. I observed that most of the participants were in 21km run and they started their run from Bandra Worli SeaLink start point, it seems that due to the mismanagement of nutrition the marathon runners did not get fruits, dry fruits etc till 25-27km.

During the run, I had to stop at medical shops three times in entire duration of race, due to some or the other reason. There were ice packs provided post 30km, which were helpful since I started to have cramps on my right calf after it.

During the last stretch, post 34 km things went bad to worse and I stopped pushing (fearful of injury), but when 5-hour flag runners came I tried to match their pace. It became tough to even jog at their pace, they marched on leaving me behind.

The same pattern got repeated of 5:15 hour flag bearers and final death nail being me unable to keep up with 5:30 hour flag bearers.  

There were Mumbai residents providing last mile support, bringing water bottles and food items for the runners, covering up for the lack of items provided by the organizers.

I completed 36km in 4:55 hours but the last 6km became really tough and with no one to push or support the running, the motivation started to die down for timing.  In the last 3km, my right calf became worse and I started to limp, I had to stop and massage it for few minutes, apply spray kept with race volunteer staff.  

At the time I got call from my college friend who had completed 21km marathon earlier inquiring about my race status. He motivated me to finish this 42 km at all cost and not stop, some much needed pep talk.

I walked and limped the last 3km with nearly the speed of 11 min/km, in short finishing last 3kms in 33 mins.

It became more like a long walk picnic as most of the people near me were walking/limping last 2 km, with some attempting to jog. 

Going for the last km

When I reached the final point, it was 11:30 am, the sun was up and burning bright. I just took the medal, food pack and left for room. I had partially fulfilled my dream, by completing TMM full marathon.

I completed my first TMM 42km full marathon in 6:03 hours, an awful time and way below my targeted time of 4:45 hours, which I had planned few months back.

TMM was also full of elite runners, who ran at an awesome speed and clocked under 2:30 hours for both women and men section.

In Indian category too, the runners ran well and below 3 hours for both gender. Proper training and nutrition takes you to great heights.

Post the Run we took the famous Local trains to our respective residence, traveling in a local train to is an experience and fun (if you get the seat) .

Most importantly post the race, the charges of the Ola and Uber cabs were substantially high, which included sharing services.

Taking a 10-30 rupees Local train seemed more practical option from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

That is life, things we desire the most and with all our heart, tend to slip away and you cannot do anything but watch in despair, because you were not disciplined enough.

However, like every fighter/runner/athlete, one must take it on the chin and move forward, for every failure pushes you to succeed and offers you many more opportunities to change the narrative.

Looking forward to, many more TMMs in my life and improving my 42km timing in Mumbai. Cheers !!!

India @ London Olympics 2012

Finally London Olympics 2012 came to an end. Actually it came to an end on 13 Aug 2012. I am writing it today partly because of my mood and partly that I did-not have time. This Olympics has been a joy to some and a disappointment to some. The overall achievement by India as a country has been encouraging one. From the last tally of 3 medals (1 Gold, 2 Bronze), this time round we won 6 medals (2 Silver, 4 Bronze). Most were new winners barring Sushil Kumar who won Silver after bronze in 2008 Olympics and created history by becoming the first consecutive Olympics medal winner in an individual event.


The government at centre and at respective states has been showering praise and cash on them.

The Disappointment and the glory:

There were disappointments too in these games, namely boxing. I for one believed that Indian Boxing Team was capable of winning 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze. The bouts however were controversial and so were the points giving system. The worst came when Vikas Krishan’s winning was reversed. It seemed there was something fishy there. The heart break was left for Vijender Singh’ quarter final match. He was one win away from securing a consecutive Olympic medal, a feat completed by Sushil Kumar then in wrestling.

MC Mary Kom, however saved the day for Indian Boxing by winning 1 Bronze (many including herself were hoping for a Gold, but it is a medal none the less no matter which ever color). She is truly a fighter and one hopes she fights in 2014 Olympics too. There she might get the chance of changes the color into Gold.

The role model in the making:

Winning of Bronze medal by Saina Nehwal was just not her win but a win for her father, her coach and more importantly a win for the girl child of Haryana. She has all the qualities and temperament of becoming the role model of girls of Haryana. One doubts that there would be many villages or cities in Haryana, who would NOT have celebrated her feat. She is most likely to become a catalyst for acceptance of girl child as the harbor and manifestor of glory. One is sure that in coming years with more of her success stories, Fathers from the state of Haryana (which gets bad press for gender issues and girl child issues) would want to raise their daughters to be like Saina Nehwal. Much like saina’s own father used to call her Steffi affectionately, hoping that the daughter will live the glory of legendary Steffi Graf. Given her age and her achievements, one only believes that there is going to be long glorious days ahead.

The Underdog of Shooting:

The underdog tag without doubt goes to Vijay Kumar, who no one expected to win as all the expectations in shooting were with the likes of Ranjan Sodhi, Abhinav Bindra and Manvinder Singh Sandhu.  His win was without fuss, I watched the final shooting competition which won him silver. He was very calm even after winning it. Though later many said that it was not right for him to ask for promotion, but I ask why NOT ? Wasn’t Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore promoted too ? Then what seems to be the harm here ? The guy is asking what is rightfully his.   It is good to see that sports minister Ajay Maken supporting him here. Being a JCO, if he desires to be a commisioned officer in Army after Honouring India at an International event. One believes it will only be fitting to do so and will show case the value Indian Army gives to its soldiers and their efforts. He should be given Captain’s Title in Indian Army (even though it might upset some men in Indian Army who have achived no such feat).

Vijay Kumar has been giving consistent performance in terms of shooting and earning accolades. He has been winning Gold medals in all the commonwealth games since 2006. He won silver in shooting event in 2009 and 2011. It would be nice to see those people who came from villages in India to be honoured and facilitated in both monetary and honorary terms.

Gagan Narang did not disappoint and won a medal for India, though many were hoping that he might win Gold. He again is in contention in getting gold in 2014 Olympics to be held in rio de janeiro.

The Encore:

Sushil Kumar did which many were expecting Vijender Singh to also do, though Vijender should not lose heart as he did reach quarterfinals and that itself is a huge achievement. Additionally age is in his side, so in next Olympics I for one STRONGLY believe that he will win GOLD. We should remember that it took Md Ali just 1 Gold to get recognized rest was his style and attitude (a positive one) which brought him so much acclaim. (Not that Vijender Singh needs recognition in India, but many including me have a desire that he wins Gold in Olympics.

Sushil Kumar on the other hand was likely to win gold given his recent performance but in final his health and fatigue gave away. The feat has been a welcome one. One hopes he is able to fulfill his dreams in future. It may be so that he might go for 2014 Olympics. It was a good win for Yogeshwar Dutt to who won his first Bronze medal. His hardwork finally paid off.

The Awards:

It has been raining awards for the winners of Olympic medals and those who participated. Yogeshwar Dutt and Vijay Kumar have been awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for 2012. Last year it was Gagan Narang. Haryana Govt has awarded its players 1.5 Crores for silver and 1 Crore for Bronze. Now one has got news that  Olympic medalists wrestlers Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt, badminton star Saina Nehwal and shooter Gagan Narang will get audi Q5s for bringing laurels to the country from DLF Limited.

That apart, the company will also hand over Special Editions of Maruti Suzuki – Way of Life‘s mid-sized Suzuki SX4 cars to 15 sportspersons from Haryana who took part in the London 2012 Olympics, but could not win any medal.

This a welcome move from DLF who have been past associated with cricket namely DLF IPL. SAHARA announces medals of pure gold of 5 kg, 3kg and 2kg to every Indian winning gold, silver and bronze medal respectively in the London Olympics 2012. Sahara has been supporting Indian sportsmen for longtime and it is no different here.

All these awards from the corporate sector is a welcome move. One hopes that many other companies would come forward; such awards will encourage youngsters to fight and win more medals for India in future Olympics.


What are the odds. A team which is placed 6th in its country’s league ie English Premier League goes on to win not only FA CUP of 2012 but infact Champions league 2012. Chelsea has finally made history, it won Champions League for the 1st time and certainly not the last. Those fans of Manchester United who thought that “Manchester, the city” is represented by them only and so is English premier league certainly must have got a BIG wake up call. Premier League was won by Manchester City, their first in 44 years and new European Champions won their first since inception of the club in 1907.

The more I see the blogs and news about Chelsea’s win the more desire I have to rub the win into the faces of those self appointed “greatest club” in England, Manchester United fans. I think NOW it is time to take a break from that self proclaimed non-sense (which can be called sycophancy) which the club and its pseudo fans all across the globe so fancied (their way of feeling THE power).

 Most importantly please go and tell those CRY babies GERMAN media to get a life, stop shitting them self so much they might get Cholera. Then will have to read Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez  to get through daily life and find love. (A Spanish plot, wait didn’t the Spanish also CRUSHED them with 3 Spanish players in the Chelsea Team.)

The above graph clearly shows that even though BAYERN Munich had the most possessions. It takes few shots to make the day (though Drogba must be delighted after a scare that he got during the match). Time and again Frank Lampard, the NO 8 of Chelsea and stand-in captain (who I think should be the captain) showed his leadership skill finely.

The victory is against odds as the Coach himself was fired ( Andre Villas-Boas who was sacked 9 months into the Job for not producing results by Abramovich (The Russian oil barron). Andre Villas-Boas was assistant to the “The Special One“, Jose Mourinho )

The win is a great one but it seems that Torres was unhappy at not being in the starting line up, so an issue brewing there.Now  the latest thing on the mind of every Chelsea fan is who will be the Manager of the team. Without doubt  Roberto Di Matteo has done a remarkable job as a care taker (being ex-Chelsea player, his passion was never short for the team). One hopes that  Roberto Di Matteo will be rewarded by Abramovich. Though as the reports suggest that it is not a sure give away.  Plus reports suggests that 34 year Drogba will be let go as his age doesnot fits into the future plans of a young team by Abramovich. (what a pity)

Now as a Fan all I desire is that Chelsea win it next time too. The champions league, Premier league and FA cup 2013. The Torres issue will eventually be settled but the news that Abramovich might sell the team as his goal of being the European Champions is fulfilled  is something on which one can’t comment on and have no idea how it might have impact on Chelsea’s future. The Dubai’s family brought Manchester city and pumped loads of money into it which led to change in the teams fortune .  So money was an aspect on which Chelsea was build on. I read an interesting article on this regard in guardian.

What ever may happen in the future, the  history will remember one thing. The FA  Cup 2012 and UEFA Champions League 2012 belonged to Chelsea.

This month has been very eventful for Indian cricket in particular. For one Rahul Dravid has retired after being “The WALL ” of Indian batting border for 16 years and Sachin Tendulker arguably one of the best cricketer of all times has achieved once highly elusive milestone to any batsman in world cricket. That is 100 centuries in International cricket. It has been 23 years since Sachin Tendulker first started playing cricket in 1989 but the guy’s desire to score run has not waned. There is an entire generation who has grown up watching him play and he has been in one way responsible for the shift in playing style in Indian cricket. From a Team who were more than happy to just draw matches in Test matches, it went onto become No 1 Test side and then that world cup win of 2011, who could forget that.

The events are innumerable when he has scored heavily in world cups too but India didn’t win them.

In 1996 world cup he scored 523 runs. (most in the 1996 world cup)

In 2003 world cup he scored 673 runs. (most in the 2003 world cup)

In 2011 World cup he scored 482 runs (which finally India won)

There was a time, when people use to switch off televisions when Sachin use to get out because they thought that game was a lost cause, but now that cannot be said.There is a fighting spirit in the team which was none the less infused by saurav ganguly ( I bet bengalis would be loving for me saying that) but one would say that cemented by those of the likes of sachin Tendulker and Rahul Dravid. However, in the recent special ton‘s case the stats say that sachin took 38 innings to reach his 100th 100 whereas his average innings per hundred is 8. ( who said that Pressure isn’t a biaatch..that along with the expectations of entire nation).

Then there are those of the likes of Virender Sehwag who copied him to the core and came to Indian cricket team scoring heavily themselves.  With 2 triple tons (the 3rd threatening triple ton, he got out on 293) and 1 Double ton one day Internationals  (which followed sachin’s 200 earlier in one days against south Africa). It would be apt to say that sachin Tendulker inspired and guided India’s most destructive player in current scenario.

It would be safe to say that if and when sachin chooses to retire (even though many including me would like him to play more,make a Test triple ton,complete 200 Test mark, 100 ODI 50s and 50 ODI centuries.), he has created a force in his legacy which will be reckoned with an absolute DESTRUCTION.

Rahul Dravid’s Retirement

Rahul Dravid is someone on whom I tried to model my cricketing skills on and I failed miserably in that feat, rarely being able to make into school team for that matter leave aside desiring to play for Indian cricket team. His playing style just exuberates CLASS. His pull and hook shorts are matched by only sachin Tendulker in prowess.

I noticed him first against south Africa blasting Allan Donald all over the place and giving Donald a mouthful, who was giving entire India team a mouthful not to mention making their lives miserable at the crease.  Addition to that nobody can forget that catch that he took of Gary Kirsten when he was standing in the short leg position in which he collided with Gary and both were lying on the ground (but dravid with the catch to dismiss Gary Kirsten).In that entire tour it was Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulker who were scoring (actually sachin captained in that tour) . In one instance the entire team was out for 74 and Rahul Dravid was standing 27 not out.

Then his knock of 153 in OneDAY International against SriLanka in world cup 1999, where India scored something like 370 and Sourav Ganguly scored 183. India won that game convincingly and was qualified for the super eight competition. Same was the rescue method in coming from follow on ,he scored 180 along with Laxman who scored 281 took the test series against Australia, the series also witnessed a rise of another star Harbhajan Singh who took 32 wickets including a hat-trick in 3 test matches.

In 2003 world cup, He donned the gloves as there was no Mahendra Singh Dhoni to keep wickets and score smashingly. He did the job pretty well as India reached world cup finals, the whole tournament showed his self sacrificing nature. His knocks of 270 against Pakistan in the tour where sehwag scored his triple ton of 309.Lastly his knock of against Australia in Horbat (I think correct if I am wrong) where he scored 233 not out which led India to win a test match in Australia after a long time not to mention draw the series.

The list are endless, the grace with which he played and carried on his duties were remarkable. He is without doubt a perfect example of  conducting and playing cricket with honour, imposing the old English gentleman image. The game will certainly miss a true gentleman and I will miss a teacher (on the cricket field ).

Lastly sachin’s stats in 2003 world cup which I believe India should have won.

SR Tendulkar  India 11 11 0 673 Runs
61.18 avg 6 50s 1 100s 152 89.25 strike Rate

Yuvraj’s ailment

Like most of the Indians yesterday I was in for a news. Honestly the Indian cricket team has not been performing well and I have been trying my best to avoid writing about the humiliation they are going over there. 4-0 loss is bit too much after 4-0 loss via England. The news of Yuvraj not playing was no doubt an issue, as one thought that after the “remarkable” world cup, he must have got into “the Zone“. Where he could perform well even in Test Matches which is truly the final frontier for him to conquer in cricket field after MAN OF the TOURNAMENT he got in world cup (in 50 over one days and helping India win 20-20 over world cup too), which equates him to Mohinder Amarnath who got same reward for getting India the 60 over world cup of 1983.

Past few months have been full of speculations as to what is the illness and how serious it is. Now they say that it is a rare form of the disease called germ cell seminoma.

Now without doubt the doctor who gave wrong diagnosis is getting all the blame, but Yuvraj is doing whatever to protect people with “honest” mistakes. Any way when last to last year people had given up on him that he may not return to Indian side he came back and that too with a BANG. ( I for one always told my friends who said that he was out of the picture now… that some people just are born fighters.)

Now it seems that he has a bigger battle in his hand, which like all his fans I believe he would win easily just as he smashed poor little Stuart Broadout of the park for six sixes. This time when he returns he would be a TRUE CHAMPION (not that he isn’t already but earlier he was just in cricketing terms).One would be keeping track of his updates via his twitter account which one has been following since time immemorial.  Good luck to Yuvraj for recovering because whole of India will be waiting for another come back, this time too but with a BIGGER BANG.

The Sehwag Show !

The blogs must be buzz with the yesterday’s knock of sehwag infact the more appropriate word would be destruction by Sehwag of west Indies bowling attack.  Many now are saying that they knew Sehwag could get 200 in a one day after he made 250 plus in a test match in a single day  ( which is only been done better by the legendary Don Bradman).

I remember him saying that in New Zealand such task could be performed easily as the grounds are small over there  ( but many laughed at his statement then ). The 200* by sachin Tendulker showed that one can get a double century in a one day. The last century by Sehwag came against Bangladesh in which he smashed 175. After that knock things went quite in one day format atleast from him.

There was a  strange irony or the similarity in his and Tendulker’s knock in Gwalior ( sachin reached there in the last over) but the difference that he got it earlier. He got there in the 44th over and had made 219 off 149 balls by the time he was dismissed in the 47th. And in one of cricket’s stranger coincidences, both ODI double-centuries were scored in the same Indian state – Madhya Pradesh – at venues less than 500 kilometres apart.

In offices people were going crazy as sehwag approached his 200*. One can honestly say the “older” were more excited as they were running around to watch Television (where  ever it was located).

Lastly as one of my friend puts it so beautifully when we were watching Sehwag destroy the west Indies attack .

( a dialogue which was epitomized by sunny deol ) that :

jedun jatt bigad gaya na tan kaiyon ne le dubega.

(which translates into if a Jat gets wild then not even God can save you).

Now one would be waiting as to how Indian team does down under, though I think the kangaroos would have got an idea that this time Indians are coming for the kill.

I still can’t bring my feeling in words but I shall try none the less , the euphoria has not stopped and even after sleeping for 8 hours my blood is shooting up like my body is on Fire….. The feeling of being a world champion nation is unique. I specifically chose not to write about the world cup matches, hoping that I would write about the tournament when India would have won the world cup. (call it my superstition or whatever but 2003 finals loss memory was still there)

For starters Indian team started with on set saying that they were playing for India and Sachin Tendulker to win the world cup. Congrats to sachin Tendulker for finally realizing his dream,having played in  6 world cups , the last world cup has finally given the man what he wanted all his life , to be a world cup winner. For those who say life is tough, this man is certainly a good example of fighting till the end. When the tournament started many wrote India off because of their poor performance plus their loss to south Africa made expectation go low. The turning point I would say started when India beat west Indies and Yuvraj scored the century which was virtually an important match for India to qualify for quarter finals.

upon the qualification of India to quarter-final round came the test of fire………………

India vs Australia ( The 4 time world cup winning team, 3 in a row for that matter 1999,2003,2007). The beating that India took at the hands of Australians especially Ricky Pointing (scoring 140 and Australia 359) was painful reminder for all Indians of the dream being broken yet again.  The loss was more as the match was virtually single sided.This time too Ponting tried his best scoring 104 but Yuvraj Singh had something else in mind. The last shot that went for a four and his celebration told the world that India has arrived and Australia’s era is OVER.

Then came India Vs Pakistan, mother of all matches clash of the fierce arch rivals… Media built it up so much that Rs 250 ticket went for Rs 5000 ,Rs 750 for Rs 10,000 , Rs 10,000 for Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 15,000 for More than Rs 1,00,000. It was just mind-blowing…… The PMs of both countries came together to talk after 2 years. The match had everything from dropped tendulker catches to Wahab Riaz‘s Five wicket halt against India. The batting however collapsed for Pakistan and Misbah-ul-Haq‘s slow innings under pressure brought ire from Pakistani fans but delighted India very much. India bowlers rose to the occasion to finish Pakistan off.. Picking 2 wickets each.

The last match was without doubt the fight among the equals and the match went till the very last, finishing in the penultimate over for the match…

When the SriLankan innings began there was one thing in every individual’s mind that get Dilshan and Tharanga out early. Sangarkara gave a good fight but it was man of the tournament who got ride of him at 48.  Mahela Jayawardene walks in and he plays a blinder. when the six was hit at the last ball of Sri Lanka innings by Perera, to be honest I just thought India might not be able to reach it, just for a moment.

When Sehwag went for a duck then sachin India were 31/2 and like all of India PANIC set in but kholi and gambhir played well especially gambhir scoring 97 before that rash shot to get out. After Kholi walks in Dhoni and at that time I knew it India will win the CUP. Dhoni for one has a tremendous record against SriLanka scoring 183*.

HIs handling of Murli was superb as Yuvraj has problem batting to murli always. When Gambir got out Yuvraj Singh walked in and I thought it is best time for Yuvi to show that he is perfect for man of the tournament with a good finish in this match.  When Dhoni struck Malinga for 2 fours in an over to cut victory margin of 6 runs then certainly everything seemed relaxed. Fans in the stadium were waiting for a superb finish and dhoni gave them just that. The six that he hit of last bowl was fantastic, hope the Indian govt makes post stamp of that shot.

On a more personal note in 1983 when India won ,I was not even born and my father was exactly the same age as I am now…. ( remarkable the way history repeats itself) Finally young Indian’s can claim the new cup as theirs and in debates can fight over which win was better 1983 or 2011……. ….

Kapil’s Devil Era VS Dhoni’s warriors era……

Lastly sachin Tendulker might be playing his last world cup who knows  and if it is his last then salute to the great cricketer of India who has carried the burden of expectation for last 21 years on his shoulder………..


The best quote which I found doing rounds of facebook was

1979 – West Indies – Check
1987 – Australia – Check
1992 – Pakistan – Check
1996 – Sri Lanka – Check

We beat all the world cup winners till now to lift the cup. We played like champions and deserve to be champion of champions!!

The power pack performance of Indian boxers at Asian games was better than any of their prior efforts. Indian boxers clinched two gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the Asiad.

This was also the first time that Indian boxers were able to win greater than a single gold medal in Asian games. This is the best ever performance by Indians beating earlier in 1984 Asian Games held in Seoul when they collected four silver and five bronze medals.

The coach Sandhu’s statement that asiad will be tough did make some people believe that boxers might not be able to re-live the glory of commonwealth games but that was not to be. It seems it was more like getting things started with low expectations. He later did point out that the boxers needed more rest and considering the commonwealth and Asian games were near each other, fitness would have become an issue. Luckily things went according to the plan and India gave its best performance in boxing till date in terms of medals.

The gold medals by Vijender and Vikas were first after dinko singh’s victory in 1998. Though it will be more special for Vikas all of 18 years old winning a gold at international level. Vijender for one can say farewell to the bronze medal jinx and now focus on gold for Olympics.  His win was truly remarkable since it came with a broken thumb and final scorecard read 7-0 ,showing the character of the boxer.

This time round there were 5 Indian boxers in final and everyone was wondering if all five could win. Though the expectations were bit exaggerated but it was bound to be citing the phenomenal rise of Indian boxing. Dinesh Kumar, Santosh Kumar and Manpreet Singh were also expected to win gold but their bouts went one sided and they all lost, though their loss none the less helped India get 3 silver medals and in no way undermined their achievements and efforts. The other boxers who won bronze were Suranjoy Singh, Paramjeet Samota, Mary Kom and Kavita Goyat.

Mary Kom was expected to win gold as she has been world boxing champion for more than 5 years but she had tough luck this asiad games, Hopefully she will turn the tables around in Olympics where woman boxing is featuring for the 1st time and get India gold.

Though the thing which was bothering is condition in which our stars still live. I read the article in Hindustan Times giving a view of the conditions in which the boxers have to train. The pics were of bhiwani boxing academy which has produced 4 Asian medal winners of 2010.

The pics did really showed the pathetic condition of training with broken coolers and no A/C facilities, dimly lit room and the worst one was the sanitation pic. I doubt this would be the treatment meted out our cricketers. The corporate world needs come up and help them since one doubts government might put an effort. If the government does help then it would be better as it is their job to make sure those who win medals for the country need to be given proper respect and good training facilities.

Haryana government has been making an effort in improving the lives of sportspersons and paying them handsomely, now it needs to look into the infrastructural short comings which is causing problem to the budding boxers.



  1. Vijender Singh              (75 kg Category)
  2. Vikas Krishan                (60 kg Category)


  1. Dinesh Kumar                (81 kg Category)
  2. Manpreet Singh            (91 Kg Category)
  3. Santosh Kumar             (64 Kg Category)


  1. MC Mary Kom            ( Woman 51 kg Category)
  2. Kavita Goyat                (Woman 75 kg Category)
  3. Suranjoy Singh            (52 kg Category)
  4. Paramjeet Samota      (+91 kg Category super heavy weight)

India would be certainly proud of its achievement this time in commonwealth games, beating England and Canada in games is no small feat and coming 2nd certainly isn’t either. The remarkable performance of getting 101 medals was showcased by one state in particular which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Though their effort in showcasing India’s strength has certainly lead some people to appreciate them.

Leading this pack of gold was a state known only for honour killings or female foeticide, Haryana (there is even a movie coming on the events named Akrosh).Fittingly so when discus thrower Krishna Punia won the gold she said that all the winners were Jats that is Harwant Kaur who won silver and Seema Antil who won bronze.(may be it was an inner desire to tell media that they were painting the whole community with same color) Keeping that aside Haryana as a state truly out performed many of the countries participating in the commonwealth games and with its tally alone and number of golds it stands 5th.

“Social scientists will point to a co-relation between community, environment and sporting success. The Masai tribesmen put Kenya on the world map with their natural aptitude as steeplechaser and middle distance runners. The Ethiopian tribes became renowned marathon runners. Runners of West African descent — whether from Jamaica or the United States — are born to run fast. Perhaps, we now need to consider that the muscular Jats are built to wrestle or throw the discus (not to forget cricket , Hockey and Shooting too). ” quotes Rajdeep Sardesai.

Haryana has certainly made its mark in this commonwealth games with a startling performance from the state. The most medals for it was won in wrestling with the likes of Phogat sisters leading the charge and sonepat for one has become a district of gold creators.

Not far behind are the boxers of bhiwani which got 2 gold and 3 bronze. Vijender Singh’s controversial bout will always remain part of the commonwealth history but so will Manoj Kumar’s and Paramjeet Samota’s gold in final. Last time it was only Akhil kumar who won the boxing gold but this time Haryana got two and India three.

This success has been also attributed to Hooda governments’ efforts to support sportspersons, though on occasion he is seeing quoting “I am sportsman.” His stint as two time chief Minister was taking a beating after the negative publicity his state was taking but certainly he could take a breather with commonwealth success story before media gets going with the usual stuff.

Haryana in past lacked tremendously in context of the infrastructure of sports but that was over come by the sheer zeal to perform by its athletes. The Hooda government now should focus on creating high class stadiums so that ground level support is encouraged, though he might say that he has got stadiums built but there numbers then is few.

The sports which have been dominating and getting it medals namely Boxing and Wrestling need to be supported more. The prize money offered in sporting events also need to increase. Haryana government should also not hide behind the recent success and help create other sports to rise too. The events such as athletics and swimming needs to be supported as these are the events which would be giving us more medals.

The success could also be used in eliminating social evils of female –infanticide as the girls who have won could become the role models of young girls and parents can be encouraged to support their girls. Saina Nehwal success story could be repeated again where a father goes out of his way to make his daughter a world champion and same goes for Krishna Poonia who also hails from Haryana though is married in Rajasthan. Her story is where the brothers and father supported and then her husband who helped get her to this level. Husbands can also take some heed where they can become facilitators in the success of their wives and will also be given due credit and their egos will also be not hurt in the process.

There is a way out for Haryana with the current success stories where they can revive their lost image and get rid of the chauvinistic tag associated with the men of Haryana , now whether they do this is certainly upon them since the rest of the India will be watching.

Those who made Haryana proud:

Gold :

Ravinder Singh : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 60 kg

Anil Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 96 kg

Sanjay Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 74 kg

Rajender Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 55 kg

Geeta Singh Phogat : Wrestling Women’s freestyle 55 kg

Anita Tomar :Wrestling Women’s freestyle 67 kg

Yogeshwar Dutt: Wrestling Men’s freestyle 60 kg

Krishna Poonia :Athletics Women’s Discus Throw

Annu Raj Singh :Shooting Women’s 10m Air Pistol (Pairs)

Manoj Kumar : Boxing Men’s Light Welterweight 64 Kg

Paramjeet Samota : Boxing Men’s Super heavyweight +91 Kg

Saina Nehwal : Badminton Women’s Singles

Silver :

Manoj Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 84 kg

Nirmala Devi : Wrestling Women’s freestyle 48 kg

Babita Kumari : Wrestling Women’s freestyle 51 kg

Anuj Kumar :Wrestling Men’s freestyle 84 kg

Joginder Kumar :Wrestling Men’s freestyle 120 kg

Saina Nehwal : Team event Badminton

Bronze :

Sunil Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 66 kg

Dharmender Dalal :Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 120 kg

Prasanta Karmakar: Swimming Men’s 50 m freestyle Para

Suman Kundu :Wrestling Women’s freestyle 63kg

Seema Antil :Athletics Women’s Discus Throw

Jai Bhagwan: Boxing Men’s Lightweight 60 kg

Dilbagh Singh :Boxing Men’s Welterweight 69 Kg

Vijender Singh: Boxing Men’s Welterweight 75 Kg

When this commonwealth was about to start many doubted whether it will even begin or get scrapped. I must confess that I was one of them. Mr kalmadi’s “spectacular” handling of things certainly brought India great many criticism and condemnation of the participating countries.

In the end it was left to none other than our chief minister Mrs Shiela Dikshit to get the job done which even involved getting games village ready. More so she became the target of foreign media especially the notorious Paula Henery ( oh did I spell that right…?).

Now the real weight of expectation was on Indian athletes and oh my, did they comply .India finished second in the over all tally with a staggering 101 medals in which there were 38 gold medals , 27 silver medals and 36 bronze medals.

Wrestling won us many medals 19 of the 21 events that they participated in and here to sushil Kumar dominated getting his gold by knocking out his opponent. Upon wining he went to Rahul Gandhi to get thank him for watching his match. In all domination of wrestling was supreme. The girls also didn’t do anything wrong, the sisters Babita and Geeta Phogat from haryana won silver and gold respectively. Their story was of remarkable success where their father had to fight off the sarcasms of the village when he decided that his daughters will play wrestling.

Following are the medals in wrestling

Gold                 10

Silver                5

Bronze             4

The winners are as follows :


  1. Ravinder Singh :    Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 60 kg
  2. Anil Kumar :    Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 96 kg
  3. Sanjay Kumar :    WrestlingMen’s Greco-Roman 74 kg
  4. Geeta Singh Phogat :    Wrestling Women’s freestyle 55 kg
  5. Alka Tomar :    Wrestling Women’s freestyle 59 kg
  6. Anita Tomar :   Wrestling Women’s freestyle 67 kg
  7. Rajender Kumar:  Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 55 kg
  8. Narsingh Pancham Yadav :  Wrestling Men’s freestyle 74 kg
  9. Yogeshwar Dutt: Wrestling Men’s freestyle 60 kg
  10. Sushil Kumar :  Wrestling Men’s freestyle 66 kg


  1. Manoj Kumar : Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 84 kg
  2. Nirmala Devi :  Wrestling Women’s freestyle 48 kg
  3. Babita Kumari :  Wrestling Women’s freestyle 51 kg
  4. Anuj Kumar : Wrestling Men’s freestyle 84 kg
  5. Joginder Kumar :  Wrestling Men’s freestyle 120 kg


  1. Sunil Kumar:     Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 66 kg
  2. Dharmender Dalal :   Wrestling Men’s Greco-Roman 120 kg
  3. Suman Kundu:  Wrestling Women’s freestyle 63kg
  4. Anil Kumar :   Wrestling Men’s freestyle 55 kg

Then the excepted events of shooting too did not disappoint by performing brilliantly. The shooters especially Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang won us many gold . Gagan Narang in particular won 4 gold medal heights individual tally, it must be rewarding for him to win so many medals in his own nation and hopefully his disappointment of  not winning the Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna will be diminished, now as government will certainly honour him for his contribution.

The medal tally for shooting was :

GOLD             14

SILVER           11

BRONZE         5

The winner from shooting were :


  1. Abhinav Bindra & Gagan Narang: Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle (Pairs)
  2. Anisa Sayyed & Rahi Sarnobat: Shooting Women’s 25m Pistol (Pairs)
  3. Anisa Sayyed: Shooting Women’s 25m Pistol (Single)
  4. Omkar Singh : Shooting Men’s 50m Pistol Individual
  5. Gagan Narang: Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle Individual
  6. Vijay Kumar & Gurpreet Singh : Shooting Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (Pairs)
  7. Omkar Singh & Gurpreet Singh: Shooting Men’s 10m Air Pistol (Pairs)
  8. Omkar Singh : Shooting Men’s 10m Air Pistol (Singles)
  9. Gagan Narang & Imran Hassan Khan : Shooting Men’s 50m Air Rifle 3 Position (Pairs)
  10. Vijay Kumar : Shooting Men’s 25m Rapid Fire pistol Individual
  11. Vijay Kumar & Harpreet Singh: Shooting Men’s 25m centre fire pistol (Pairs)
  12. Gagan Narang : Shooting Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Pos Individual
  13. Harpreet Singh : Shooting Men’s 25m centre fire pistol Individual
  14. Heena Sidhu & Annu Raj Singh :Shooting Women’s 10m Air Pistol (Pairs)


  1. Omkar Singh & Deepak Sharma : Shooting Men’s 50m Pistol (Pairs)
  2. Tejaswini Sawant & Lajjakumari Gauswami: Shooting Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions(Pairs)
  3. Rahi Sarnobat: Shooting Women’s 25m Pistol (Single)
  4. Abhinav Bindra : Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle (Singles)
  5. Asher Noria & Ronjan Sodhi: Shooting Men’s Double trap (Pairs)
  6. Ronjan Sodhi : Shooting Men’s Double trap Individual
  7. Manavjit Singh Sandhu & Mansher Singh : Shooting Men’s Trap (Pairs)
  8. Vijay Kumar : Shooting Men’s 25m centre fire pistol Individual
  9. Tejaswini Sawant : Shooting Women’s 50m Rifle Prone (Singles)
  10. Samresh Jung & Chandrasekhar Chaudhary : Shooting Men’s 25m Standard Pistol (Pairs)
  11. Heena Sidhu : Shooting Women’s 10m Air Pistol (Singles)


  1. Gurpreet Singh: Shooting Men’s 25m rapid fire pistol Individual
  2. Suma Shirur & Kavita Yadav: Shooting Women’s 10 m Air Rifle (Pairs)
  3. Manavjit Singh Sandhu: Shooting Men’s Trap Individual
  4. Samresh Jung: Shooting Men’s 25m Standard Pistol Singles
  5. Tejaswini Sawant & Meena Kumari :  Shooting Women’s 50 metre rifle prone pairs

In all shooting did not disappoint and wrestling became the new power house.This performance will certainly improve interest of Individuals in shooting and wrestling. Though wrestling can boast itself to be a cost-effective sport but certainly shooting would require enormous amount of money for ammunition and training.

One just hopes irrespective of the conditions, Indians will find a way and keep this performance alive and see a different side of sports which is nothing similar to cricket.

Over the last few days watching Lalit Bhanot preside over news conference is nothing short of a comedy. It is quite remarkable that people like him “full of caliber” are running Indian sport for so long. Kalmadi might be a target of nation’s ire but certainly Mr Bhanot is doing what ever in his capacity to “OUT RUN ” him after all 22 years of being head of athletics federation must come handy somewhere.

His comments have been so ecstatic that even Bollywood script writers might be turning up to him to write some comedy for their movies.

some of his comments are :

1.  The famous hygiene comment:

These rooms are clean to both you and us,the delegates want certain standards in hygiene and cleanliness which may differ from our perception,what is good for us might not be good for them. See everyone has a different standard of cleanliness. “

2.   The monkey comment which he made upon being asked by a foreign reporter about the racial profiling of indians as “monkeys” by south african swimmer.

“There are monkeys in that area and we are trying to get them out,which are present almost everywhere in Delhi.”

(Both, Fennell and CGF CEO Mike Hooper, couldn’t hide their laughter before explaining Bhanot what the question actually meant.)

Surely that hygiene comment kind off help cement the “stereotypical” image that the west had about India regarding cleanliness.  On an interview with Barkha Dutt , Salman Rushdie suggested that Lalit Bhanot should be spanked for giving such comments, most in India would say that they won’t have thought any better.

Now the real problem is that India does not has just one Mr Bhanot but rather numerous of his kind who just like to be heads and enforce their standards of cleanliness onto others.Now though it seems that his friends and Indian government cannot take any more of insult and has “clipped  his wings” and he would not be presiding over the meetings.

Whatever might be the outcome of this game for International media ,Lalit Bhanot experience would certainly be one of its kind.

Commonwealth Fiasco

The commonwealth were supposed to be the stepping stone on which India would have announced their arrival, the stage where world could see the power India has become but what it is turning out to be is a quite another story. The likes of Mr.kalmadi who have been sticking to their respective organizational seats for over 10 years each are now showing their true capability of getting things done,  that is NOTHING.

The case is much graver as it affects the image of India which is  been dented by these individual’s action.The organization they used to bring such name to India is Indian Olympics association. What it has done till now is a mystery to many ( even to sports person who will be represented India). Thing which they surely have done as pointed out in forgoing media is that it has projected a view that “Indians are not good  managers and a land of snake-charmers certainly cannot pull off a sporting event of such magnitude“. Mr.Kalmadi and his old friends will take it lightly because after all at their age it is  beyond to see what this action or inaction has done for future generations of India.

It seems these very sports administrators wanted to make some quick buck BCCI style but they forgot for that they need to have eligible people around  who certainly have understanding of managing big events, not someone who is dormant and incapable of moving or thinking .

Though yes Mr. kalmadi and co didn’t waste any opportunity in saying big words like the village the athletes will stay will be better that  in Beijing, those Chinese will be laughing their asses off what they must be hearing about the present condition of games village where only dogs and workers are having fun, shitting and sleeping where ever they want. The problem lies basically with the way our departments work namely MCD. This department is something which I have grown hearing as the most corrupt and backed by it brother department DDA which actually thinks that it is a stud department in whole of delhi and PM or CM stand nothing in front of them ( seems like dabang got inspired by them).

Delhi CM shiela dixit has been saying this for last 7 years to split MCD into 7 bodies on the basis of the districts of delhi namely

  • North-west
  • South-west
  • South
  • East
  • North-east
  • West
  • Central

This was not possible because those heading MCD this time were BJP and MCD runs a parallel govt to delhi govt. Their efficiency is well known. DDA for instance is an organization on its own and doesnot reports to delhi CM. These bodies must be made accountable and need to be broken and made to report to CM.

As far as Olympics bid that Mr. kalmadi wanted ,well given the scenario of commonwealth games in his esteemed leadership, that can only happen on his grave. The world body will in no way give such a bid to an incompetent organizing committee. In short only sports professionals must be allowed to run any of such organizations rather than those who wish to be just HEADs of various sports bodies for record holding purposes. Some one pointed to me that Mr. Vijay Malhotra of BJP has been head of Archery Association of India for 37 years , well that says it all.

The standing of the esteemed individuals is as follows :

Vijay Kumar Malhotra
Archery Association of India
President-37 years

K.P. Singh Deo-Rowing
Federation of India
President-26 years

Lalit Bhanot
Athletics Federation of India
Secretary General- 22 years

Jagdish Tytler
Judo Federation of India
President-20 years

S.S. Dhindsa
Cycling Federation of India
President-15 years

V.K. Verma
Badminton Association of India
President-12 years

B.S. Adityan
Volleyball Federation of India
President-12 years

Abhay Singh Chautala
Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
President-10 years

Ajay Chautala
Table Tennis Federation of India
President-10 years

Dig Vijay Singh
National Rifle Association of India
President-10 years

Yashwant Sinha
All India Tennis Association
President-10 years

Birendra P. Baishya
Indian Weightlifting Federation
A new boss for the body banned twice for doping

In order to do something for nation so that this games could really be something is 1st removal of such individuals so that their record spree could be stopped after all they are no Sachin Tendulkar representing India.

Coming of age of Indian boxing

Established in February 1949, the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) has been instrumental in uplifting the standard of boxing in India and in encouraging the young sporting enthusiasts to take up the game as their profession. Affiliated to Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA), the world governing body for the sport, IABF has put forth strenuous efforts in bringing the boxing talents of India to the limelight. Championships at the national level have  been conducted by the Federation, to make the sports enthusiasts in India recognize the professional boxers of the country. “

This what reads on the website on Indian boxing federation, but many know that for 4 decades Indian boxing was in a sorry state , very few know about the names such as Hawa Singh (who dominated domestic boxing circuits) and Mohd Ali Qamar ( creating history by winning gold in Manchester commonwealth games) . It was first time that any boxer had done so and then Dinko Singh’s Asian gold.

Though in this decade it seems, Indian boxing are creating history and many would say rewriting it and in this crusades they are led by none other than the charming Vijender Singh who won bronze in Beijing Olympics.

This time when commonwealth boxing was occurring in Delhi’s Talkatora stadium many expected a good performance from Indian boxers but what they saw was remarkable performance. The hosts had picked a 10-member team for the competition and won 6 gold medals most by any country and declared Team winners too.

Performances like these could do wonder for the sport such as boxing which is picking up among masses and will certainly bring corporate sponsorship too , Sahara Parivar has already announced that they would be official partners of Boxing now apart from being officials partners of Indian cricket team and Indian Hockey.

Before the Tournament began Vijender Singh was saying “I want to convert the color of my medal to gold from bronze “, he was finally able to fulfill his wishes and of those associated with him .Jai dedicated his triumph to good friend and his room-partner Vijender for supporting him in his hour of crisis.

“Vijender supported me through an injury crisis in 2008 and motivated me to continue. So, this win is for him,” Jai said.

“I tried to settle down in the first round and though I was trailing, I was confident of coming back and the massive crowd support also helped me. He began to look tired after the second round and that’s when I attacked him the most,” said Samota, for whom it was a career-best performance in Super Heavy weight category.

While India clinched the team title, defending champion England finished runners-up. India had previously won the team title in 2005 with four gold and three silver medals in Glasgow. In 2007, Indians had fetched a gold, two silver and three bronze medals to finish runners-up in Liverpool.

Though those who missed out this time were Akhil Kumar (56kg), Balwinder Beniwal (Vijender Singh’s cousin,64kg), Dilbagh Singh (69kg) and Manpreet Singh (91kg) who crashed out by the quarter-final stages but their efforts need not be less recognized especially someone like Akhil Kumar who has been unlucky on several occasions.

Commonwealth Games are round the corner and with this power pack performance by Indian boxers in Commonwealth Boxing the expectations of Indian crowd are bound to be high and we will have pack houses for the showdown. Finally Indians can cheerfully say that they are good at sports other than just cricket.

Following are the results of the commonwealth boxing results. :


Super heavyweight (91+ kg): Parmjeet Samota (India)
Light flyweight (49 kg): Amandeep Singh (India)
Flyweight (52 kg): Suranjoy Singh (India)
Lightweight (60 kg): Jai Bhagwan (India)
Middleweight (75 kg): Vijender Singh (India)
Light heavyweight (81 kg): Dinesh Kumar (India)
Bantamweight (56 kg): Ian Weaver (England)
Light welterweight (64 kg): Scott Cardle (England)
Welterweight (69 kg): Fred Evans (Wales)
Heavyweight (91 kg): Simon Vallily (England).

John Terry scores own goal

John Terry in recent times have become nothing but a joke.

The 29-year-old Chelsea captain John Terry, who earns 150,000-pounds a week, became a hero for the club’s young fans but was later revealed to be a love rat who cheated on his wife by having an affair with the ex of former team-mate Wayne Bridge.

He has done everything that you could do wrong for being an icon for youngsters, the worst of all was when he was taking money go get others access into chelsea dressing room, how greedy can this guy get ?

Doesn’t the club pay him enough and then comes the women saga, he left even Tiger Woods far behind.  One still cannot understand that why Lampard cannot be a captain again, alteast he will be far better icon for young folks.

Terry has ruined it for himself,In totally he should have been booted out of Chelsea Captaincy also. Imagine someone from Indian sporting fraternity doing this.

PT Usha and her humilation

PT Usha is a name which i guess even a child in India`s remote district would know and the recent high handed handling of her by SAI( sports authority of India) shows just how much of value SAI has for its athletes, cynics say that what else would she would have expected from SAI , which doesn`t cares about it athletes but interested in filling their pockets.

It was anything but deja vu for Indian public in witnessing such treatment of a sportsperson who is not a cricketer and is sometimes sickening to see the god like status cricketers have but other sports-persons treated in a humiliating manner. One can well recall when abhinav bindra famously lashed out against NRAI (National rifle association of India) about their treatment of shooters after winning Beijing Olympic gold in 10m rifle shoot out.

Is  corporate India not interested in helping them out too or they are more interested in making money out of cricket ?

Abhinav Bindra and Vijender singh (bronze medalist in boxing in Beijing) are thankfully  getting endorsements and making money, otherwise rest of the athletes seems to be suffering.

It is high time corporate sector realizes their responsibilities towards such great names and offer them some endorsements because certainly a nation of billion can play and watch more than just one sport.

As for PT Usha , it is best she books her own hotel space next time rather than depending upon SAI ,as there is a famous qoute that from every experience,

There is always something to learn.…..

Indian Boxing

The boxing as sport in India has gained prominence in recent times, it is due to the rise of some prominent boxers with the likes of Vijender Singh and Akhil Kumar

Before the rise of these stars there were Dingko Singh, Hawa Singh , Mohd Ali Qamar and V. Devarajan among some outstanding boxers India ever produced. Hawa Singh dominated the national championships, by winning title for eleven years on a row, from 1961-1972.

Dingko Singh shot into fame at a very early age, when he won the sub-junior national boxing title in 1989, when he was eleven years old. He made the country proud by winning a gold medal at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998.

Qamar created history in Indian boxing, by becoming the first Indian boxer to win a Commonwealth gold medal at the Manchester Games. While Dingko Singh‘s Asian Games gold medal reminded one of the heroics of the legendary Indian boxer Hawa Singh, Ali Qamar‘s triumph has inspired the youngsters to don the boxing gloves for the country.   V. Devarajan created history in his own right as he became the first Indian to win a World Cup medal on foreign soil in 1994,

Though it was Vijender Singh’s Bronze in Beijing 2008 Olympics that has brought boxing in the prominent light, where as earlier it use to live in the shadows of of cricket and other sports , since there was no glamor associated in the sport and corporate world used to shy away from investing in the game as they feared no good returns from their investments.

It seems as though Vijender Singh`s rise and growing demand from all across the country for an alternate sport to cricket has caught even corporate India’s eyes, Vijender got a deal worth 5 crore per annum which is though nothing compared to Sachin Tendulker`s 100 crore deal but with time hopefully he can match him in earning. Those who went along with him and did well in Olympics also have a chance to make fortune out of it which include the likes of Akhil Kumar and A L Lakra.

It seems that onus of making boxing a household name lies in the hands on handsome 23 years Vijender Singh who has just recently become the world no .1 , one should not forget MC Mary-Kom who has been women’s world champion in boxing for last 4 consecutive years and this time that women boxing is also being included in Olympics sport so it is likely that she will bring home the first Olympic gold. It is just that these boxer apart from encouragement would also require the service of corporate world which could be a vital force in achieving the targets in making a power in boxing arena and then we Indians no longer need to boast just about being good only at cricket and young children could identify these boxers as their role models as they do with the crickets.

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