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What are the odds. A team which is placed 6th in its country’s league ie English Premier League goes on to win not only FA CUP of 2012 but infact Champions league 2012. Chelsea has finally made history, it won Champions League for the 1st time and certainly not the last. Those fans of Manchester United who thought that “Manchester, the city” is represented by them only and so is English premier league certainly must have got a BIG wake up call. Premier League was won by Manchester City, their first in 44 years and new European Champions won their first since inception of the club in 1907.

The more I see the blogs and news about Chelsea’s win the more desire I have to rub the win into the faces of those self appointed “greatest club” in England, Manchester United fans. I think NOW it is time to take a break from that self proclaimed non-sense (which can be called sycophancy) which the club and its pseudo fans all across the globe so fancied (their way of feeling THE power).

 Most importantly please go and tell those CRY babies GERMAN media to get a life, stop shitting them self so much they might get Cholera. Then will have to read Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez  to get through daily life and find love. (A Spanish plot, wait didn’t the Spanish also CRUSHED them with 3 Spanish players in the Chelsea Team.)

The above graph clearly shows that even though BAYERN Munich had the most possessions. It takes few shots to make the day (though Drogba must be delighted after a scare that he got during the match). Time and again Frank Lampard, the NO 8 of Chelsea and stand-in captain (who I think should be the captain) showed his leadership skill finely.

The victory is against odds as the Coach himself was fired ( Andre Villas-Boas who was sacked 9 months into the Job for not producing results by Abramovich (The Russian oil barron). Andre Villas-Boas was assistant to the “The Special One“, Jose Mourinho )

The win is a great one but it seems that Torres was unhappy at not being in the starting line up, so an issue brewing there.Now  the latest thing on the mind of every Chelsea fan is who will be the Manager of the team. Without doubt  Roberto Di Matteo has done a remarkable job as a care taker (being ex-Chelsea player, his passion was never short for the team). One hopes that  Roberto Di Matteo will be rewarded by Abramovich. Though as the reports suggest that it is not a sure give away.  Plus reports suggests that 34 year Drogba will be let go as his age doesnot fits into the future plans of a young team by Abramovich. (what a pity)

Now as a Fan all I desire is that Chelsea win it next time too. The champions league, Premier league and FA cup 2013. The Torres issue will eventually be settled but the news that Abramovich might sell the team as his goal of being the European Champions is fulfilled  is something on which one can’t comment on and have no idea how it might have impact on Chelsea’s future. The Dubai’s family brought Manchester city and pumped loads of money into it which led to change in the teams fortune .  So money was an aspect on which Chelsea was build on. I read an interesting article on this regard in guardian.

What ever may happen in the future, the  history will remember one thing. The FA  Cup 2012 and UEFA Champions League 2012 belonged to Chelsea.

John Terry scores own goal

John Terry in recent times have become nothing but a joke.

The 29-year-old Chelsea captain John Terry, who earns 150,000-pounds a week, became a hero for the club’s young fans but was later revealed to be a love rat who cheated on his wife by having an affair with the ex of former team-mate Wayne Bridge.

He has done everything that you could do wrong for being an icon for youngsters, the worst of all was when he was taking money go get others access into chelsea dressing room, how greedy can this guy get ?

Doesn’t the club pay him enough and then comes the women saga, he left even Tiger Woods far behind.  One still cannot understand that why Lampard cannot be a captain again, alteast he will be far better icon for young folks.

Terry has ruined it for himself,In totally he should have been booted out of Chelsea Captaincy also. Imagine someone from Indian sporting fraternity doing this.

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