People have been talking about Shiv Sena‘s activities, the fact that they want to do something about the “Marathi Manus” but those who want a better life and migrate from North India consider them fanatics. Certainly the violence aspect might be an issue but on larger scale what shiv sena talk in terms of geographic economic development is something to look at and some how relevant.

If going by the general masses sentiments of North Indians then states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh would never develop and the politicians of this region will keep on taking the people of these states for a ride all the time. Even Rahul Gandhi acknowledged it and asked the Biharis that why is it so that they help economy of other states rather than help Bihar and perform the overall growth of India.

Then there is debate that marathis must go and live in these place and help develop these places … Are you kidding ?

The fact that people from North India especially Bihar and UP are running from their home and landing in Mumbai due to lawlessness in that state is the primary reason that people send their kids to study outside the respective states. It is like telling the other person to clean up your mess.

One will honestly wait for the day when people will migrate to Bihar and UP but i guess that is a very far dream …

On a very simple note the people of that region must be allowed to be a part of the growth that is Marathis of Maharashtra and secondly  having these islands of development such as these metropolitan cities is NOT the way forward, the whole country need it and the best way we can seee that is the this mass exodus of of people searching for better life will stop . One is not saying that migration will stop but certainly the governments of these respective places are not there just for enjoying themselves, they need to work.

Even if they donot wish to work then states like Uttar Pradesh must be divided into smaller states on the lines of  Madhya Pradesh and Bihar model where they were divided so that better handling of resources and an efficient government must be formed.

What shiv Sena is saying might sound harsh to some people but it is an out come of long unappreciative policy of its people by its politicians who have ruled the certain states or should we say miss ruled. The hardliner approach to any cause occurs only when everything seems to have failed.

It is time that some under performing politicians of this country take notice of their activities since they are certainly not on picnic here( atleast that  is what the voter thinks)  because economic development of a country is NOT a paradigm of just certain regions and “high class” people who can jet set anywhere whereas others (politicians of UP and Bihar) can have a gala time and the people of India suffer on all quarters.