Blogging for over three years you tend to realize that writing via keyboard is no way an easy business. There are innumerable typing errors that one goes through, sometimes there are spelling mistakes or sometimes there are punctuation mistakes. Hell yeah, there are grammatical mistakes too.  The other bloggers have also time and again pointed this issue out that the first draft is like an ugly child you never wanted to have. Then with the due passage of time the writer realizes that like not everybody can get a Miss Universe/ A Prince charming for marriage, he/she tends to start modifying, enhancing and correcting the “beauty/lad” that you end up with.

The first draft for me is always written in a hurry, in haste and I have been in the past guilty of printing it without reading or re-reading it. Thereby causing an eyesore to the reader and developing a view point that I might be intellectually challenged (which I have no issue if it gets me the company of a beautiful, blue-eyed compassionate lady)  🙂

Reviewing the draft takes time which the writer or more importantly a lazy writer would like not to give in. The first draft, it is well know is the process of getting the ideas out of your mind onto paper. The ideas could be as ludicrous and as contemptuous either.

The first draft hold a deep meaning in the life of a writer, sometimes painful, sometimes irksome and sometimes satisfaction.

Few lines to give true essence of first draft are:

  • The first draft is like a run of a horse on the plains of Oklahoma, wild yes, but with an essence of freedom
  • The first draft is like first lines you tell to your eternal crush, always twisted and wrong but full of love.
  • The first draft is like first steps taken by a baby in this world, always shaky but full of amazement.
  • The first draft is like the 1st exam that you give, possibly tough but without expectations and with excitement.
  • The first draft is like wannabe poet’s words, still not up to the mark but full of emotions.
  • The first draft is like the revolutionary’s first fight, lacking on experience but high on idealism.
  •  The first draft is like the teacher’s first class, lacking practice but full of optimism.
  • The first draft is like the first child of a woman, painful yes but full of hope.
  • The first draft is like the first war of a soldier, dangerous yes but an adrenaline rush none the less.
  • The first draft is like the first Olympic medal for an athlete, a fight against odds but realization of dreams eventually.
  • The first draft is like the first words which come out from a child, trying to tell something but not knowing whether it could be understood correctly.

Therefore, for those who subscribed to my blogs and have put up with my “first draft” blunders, I guess you would forgive me. As I have a habit of correcting and re-correcting them (my posts).  It is never similar to the day it was published. Little modifications are done now and then, but I think a loyal and good reader will let it pass.

PS: I completed this post in my first draft, therefore be ready for some changes 🙂

( I am just joking, this for a change would be first and last draft for this post, though I donot promise that for other posts to come.) 🙂