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Cedric Bernardini

That is all my job and the weather are allowing me to do these days. the patterns are as follow: days off= unsettled weather. work days=sunny and warm. I watched 3 seasons of “breaking bad” which I highly recommend. I drunk a few bottles of red wine. got fat , unfit and lazy. I went on nice short walks-climbs and witnessed radical climbing at the world cup, the chamois habitat, clouds and mountains, dog fight. I also took a co-worker on the cosmic ridge….

A nice morning walk before work. Taking Miguel on his first trip outside the cave.

world cup and dog fight

chamois rock and clouds

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Cedric Bernardini

to any astroman-niac climbers , the aiguilles rouges are just a pile of shiat. It is. However , this is also the best leisurely not committing- sunny side -with a view -sport climbing- alpine-cragg- in the world- that i know of. Also, a lot of the routes out there were open by Piola himself and the rock is at times surprisingly good. This round however, for my 2 days off, i had 2 goals: stay away from the crowd, get confident in placing gear without being scared of falling head first on a sharp flake . i chose to go on the tour des crochue and the aiguille de perseverance. 2 easy routes on nice looking pillars, almost un-equipped (a few 1920 charlet pitons here and there) . The route finding was fun and placing gear in grassy crack pretty entertaining. (does it work really, i dont know , i…

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Cedric Bernardini

I had wonderful dreams for my heat wave-clear sky-no wind- days off. Some glorious summits. 2 of my favorites rope guns are having babies . The other one is in new york (why?) and my favorite climbing partner is in the midst of his mid thirties hormonal outburst. I have to be the rope gun then.that mean not so glorious summit nevertheless awesomeness… My first idea was the high up gorgeous ridge traverse on the aiguille doree. supposedly the best red granit in the mont blanc massif. however my new favorite rope bitch: Anna (that is her name) had to be at work on friday 5 pm at MBC. I chose the neighboring aiguille de purtscheller. Shorter and beautiful , high and far from the crowd. On the book it is pretty easy. the level is nice and sweet. I underestimated the chimney which was tough, long, no pros and…

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India @ London Olympics 2012

Finally London Olympics 2012 came to an end. Actually it came to an end on 13 Aug 2012. I am writing it today partly because of my mood and partly that I did-not have time. This Olympics has been a joy to some and a disappointment to some. The overall achievement by India as a country has been encouraging one. From the last tally of 3 medals (1 Gold, 2 Bronze), this time round we won 6 medals (2 Silver, 4 Bronze). Most were new winners barring Sushil Kumar who won Silver after bronze in 2008 Olympics and created history by becoming the first consecutive Olympics medal winner in an individual event.


The government at centre and at respective states has been showering praise and cash on them.

The Disappointment and the glory:

There were disappointments too in these games, namely boxing. I for one believed that Indian Boxing Team was capable of winning 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze. The bouts however were controversial and so were the points giving system. The worst came when Vikas Krishan’s winning was reversed. It seemed there was something fishy there. The heart break was left for Vijender Singh’ quarter final match. He was one win away from securing a consecutive Olympic medal, a feat completed by Sushil Kumar then in wrestling.

MC Mary Kom, however saved the day for Indian Boxing by winning 1 Bronze (many including herself were hoping for a Gold, but it is a medal none the less no matter which ever color). She is truly a fighter and one hopes she fights in 2014 Olympics too. There she might get the chance of changes the color into Gold.

The role model in the making:

Winning of Bronze medal by Saina Nehwal was just not her win but a win for her father, her coach and more importantly a win for the girl child of Haryana. She has all the qualities and temperament of becoming the role model of girls of Haryana. One doubts that there would be many villages or cities in Haryana, who would NOT have celebrated her feat. She is most likely to become a catalyst for acceptance of girl child as the harbor and manifestor of glory. One is sure that in coming years with more of her success stories, Fathers from the state of Haryana (which gets bad press for gender issues and girl child issues) would want to raise their daughters to be like Saina Nehwal. Much like saina’s own father used to call her Steffi affectionately, hoping that the daughter will live the glory of legendary Steffi Graf. Given her age and her achievements, one only believes that there is going to be long glorious days ahead.

The Underdog of Shooting:

The underdog tag without doubt goes to Vijay Kumar, who no one expected to win as all the expectations in shooting were with the likes of Ranjan Sodhi, Abhinav Bindra and Manvinder Singh Sandhu.  His win was without fuss, I watched the final shooting competition which won him silver. He was very calm even after winning it. Though later many said that it was not right for him to ask for promotion, but I ask why NOT ? Wasn’t Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore promoted too ? Then what seems to be the harm here ? The guy is asking what is rightfully his.   It is good to see that sports minister Ajay Maken supporting him here. Being a JCO, if he desires to be a commisioned officer in Army after Honouring India at an International event. One believes it will only be fitting to do so and will show case the value Indian Army gives to its soldiers and their efforts. He should be given Captain’s Title in Indian Army (even though it might upset some men in Indian Army who have achived no such feat).

Vijay Kumar has been giving consistent performance in terms of shooting and earning accolades. He has been winning Gold medals in all the commonwealth games since 2006. He won silver in shooting event in 2009 and 2011. It would be nice to see those people who came from villages in India to be honoured and facilitated in both monetary and honorary terms.

Gagan Narang did not disappoint and won a medal for India, though many were hoping that he might win Gold. He again is in contention in getting gold in 2014 Olympics to be held in rio de janeiro.

The Encore:

Sushil Kumar did which many were expecting Vijender Singh to also do, though Vijender should not lose heart as he did reach quarterfinals and that itself is a huge achievement. Additionally age is in his side, so in next Olympics I for one STRONGLY believe that he will win GOLD. We should remember that it took Md Ali just 1 Gold to get recognized rest was his style and attitude (a positive one) which brought him so much acclaim. (Not that Vijender Singh needs recognition in India, but many including me have a desire that he wins Gold in Olympics.

Sushil Kumar on the other hand was likely to win gold given his recent performance but in final his health and fatigue gave away. The feat has been a welcome one. One hopes he is able to fulfill his dreams in future. It may be so that he might go for 2014 Olympics. It was a good win for Yogeshwar Dutt to who won his first Bronze medal. His hardwork finally paid off.

The Awards:

It has been raining awards for the winners of Olympic medals and those who participated. Yogeshwar Dutt and Vijay Kumar have been awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for 2012. Last year it was Gagan Narang. Haryana Govt has awarded its players 1.5 Crores for silver and 1 Crore for Bronze. Now one has got news that  Olympic medalists wrestlers Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt, badminton star Saina Nehwal and shooter Gagan Narang will get audi Q5s for bringing laurels to the country from DLF Limited.

That apart, the company will also hand over Special Editions of Maruti Suzuki – Way of Life‘s mid-sized Suzuki SX4 cars to 15 sportspersons from Haryana who took part in the London 2012 Olympics, but could not win any medal.

This a welcome move from DLF who have been past associated with cricket namely DLF IPL. SAHARA announces medals of pure gold of 5 kg, 3kg and 2kg to every Indian winning gold, silver and bronze medal respectively in the London Olympics 2012. Sahara has been supporting Indian sportsmen for longtime and it is no different here.

All these awards from the corporate sector is a welcome move. One hopes that many other companies would come forward; such awards will encourage youngsters to fight and win more medals for India in future Olympics.


I have just started to listen to Ellie goulding on youtube per say. Her voice and singing style is very smooth and soothing. The earlier post which I re-blogged featuring her “FREE SINGING” where she is singing with her eyes shut yet with such liveliness that it makes the audience go all gaga over her.

This particular song I found soothing and it kinds of gives proof why femininity or female voices are always beautiful to listen to. The song picturisation might be an important factor here too. Therefore the song director also needs to be given the due credit.

After browsing her over the net, one thing is sure she is definitely very talented. Adding to that in April 2011, she performed “your song” at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace. That must be something.

Khamosh pani

Usually there are movies which inspire you, then there are movies which make you happy, there are movies which makes you thinks, there are even  movies which would make you cry (usually emotional ones do that 🙂 ) and finally there are those movies which are in your face.

However, khamosh pani is a movie which shows you truth, a fact which even if you wish to forget and believe that it doesnot exists, the truth just doesnot vanishes away. Watching this movie was like going to a place which you are not supposed to go, a forbidden one (I guess that is the reason Pakistan banned this movie). This movie is beyond hard-hitting, something which is said “zehn mein bethjana” which may translate into “Plays with your conscious“. It echos those fears which are unsaid and situations which are definitely at best tried to avoid. (I think this because I saw this movie just into my college life where you are trying new things and suddenly you find something which blows you away, so even though it might be a good movie  (and might not affect me much now) if I watch it today, but for a young naive lad, it came as a rude shock or a revelati0n if we could use that word).

Those who would watch this movie or have watched it will understand the intensity of it.

The story starts in 1979 Pakistan, the non-radicalized Pakistan and during Zia-ul-Haq‘s regime which made the ideological Pakistan of today (inshort a Pakistan whose ideology is religious fundamentalism and terrorism, where intolerance towards minority is there, where Military is supreme over civil administration). The main protagonist of the story veero/Ayesha (kirron kher) stays at a village near Rawalpindi,Pakistan. Here she gives quran lecture to children of village. She never goes to village well. She has a go lucky son saleem from her marriage. Her husband is long dead and she lives of his pension.

During this time sikh pilgrims arrive for their annual pilgrimage. There is one man who is in search for his sister who went missing in the 1947 riots. He tries to talk to local people (but with lot of caution) about status of such women who were left behind and in particular about his sister. It leads him to the door of Ayesha, but the son confronts the sikh man. Upon finding it that her mother was born sikh, the son saleem becomes confused and hostile. In the meanwhile there is trouble brewing by the recent hanging of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by the new military ruler, Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, who has promised to enforce Islamic law and encourages Islamic missionary and political groups to spread Islamism across Pakistan.

Two activists from an Islamist group come to the village, and supported by the village “Choudhary” (landlord), start spreading their message of Islamic zealotry and gain recruits to fight the then-impending Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The older men in the village react with disdain for their message of intolerance and puritanism, express cynicism at Zia’s continual postponement of democratic elections and are angered when the activists accuse them of being un-Islamic and traitors. Although they struggle among the older village men, the activists soon gain a following among the village youth. Ayesha’s son saleem also get affected and joins them. Things go from bad to worse and saleem transforms into a radical. His trip to city is also a reason for it (where those mullahs are preaching brain washing stuff on loudspeakers).

Zubeida (played by Shilpa Shukla), the girl whom saleem loves sees his transformation from a simple boy to a radical and is alarmed. There is a scene where saleem is constructing wall around the girl’s school to protect them from unwanted element (in short the first step towards purdhah).

The rest of the part is to be watched by the reader, as I donot wish to spoil it. One can find the entire movie on youtube but cut into parts ofcourse. I am providing the link to first part on youtube, for rest the reader can navigate. Just for the record it is not just women film or Pakistani film. I believe it is a movie on 1947 and its after math. Those who wish to call it a woman only film, I believe is doing gross injustice to the movie. It is a must watch who wish to understand how fundamentalist politics destroys lives.


The first draft

Blogging for over three years you tend to realize that writing via keyboard is no way an easy business. There are innumerable typing errors that one goes through, sometimes there are spelling mistakes or sometimes there are punctuation mistakes. Hell yeah, there are grammatical mistakes too.  The other bloggers have also time and again pointed this issue out that the first draft is like an ugly child you never wanted to have. Then with the due passage of time the writer realizes that like not everybody can get a Miss Universe/ A Prince charming for marriage, he/she tends to start modifying, enhancing and correcting the “beauty/lad” that you end up with.

The first draft for me is always written in a hurry, in haste and I have been in the past guilty of printing it without reading or re-reading it. Thereby causing an eyesore to the reader and developing a view point that I might be intellectually challenged (which I have no issue if it gets me the company of a beautiful, blue-eyed compassionate lady)  🙂

Reviewing the draft takes time which the writer or more importantly a lazy writer would like not to give in. The first draft, it is well know is the process of getting the ideas out of your mind onto paper. The ideas could be as ludicrous and as contemptuous either.

The first draft hold a deep meaning in the life of a writer, sometimes painful, sometimes irksome and sometimes satisfaction.

Few lines to give true essence of first draft are:

  • The first draft is like a run of a horse on the plains of Oklahoma, wild yes, but with an essence of freedom
  • The first draft is like first lines you tell to your eternal crush, always twisted and wrong but full of love.
  • The first draft is like first steps taken by a baby in this world, always shaky but full of amazement.
  • The first draft is like the 1st exam that you give, possibly tough but without expectations and with excitement.
  • The first draft is like wannabe poet’s words, still not up to the mark but full of emotions.
  • The first draft is like the revolutionary’s first fight, lacking on experience but high on idealism.
  •  The first draft is like the teacher’s first class, lacking practice but full of optimism.
  • The first draft is like the first child of a woman, painful yes but full of hope.
  • The first draft is like the first war of a soldier, dangerous yes but an adrenaline rush none the less.
  • The first draft is like the first Olympic medal for an athlete, a fight against odds but realization of dreams eventually.
  • The first draft is like the first words which come out from a child, trying to tell something but not knowing whether it could be understood correctly.

Therefore, for those who subscribed to my blogs and have put up with my “first draft” blunders, I guess you would forgive me. As I have a habit of correcting and re-correcting them (my posts).  It is never similar to the day it was published. Little modifications are done now and then, but I think a loyal and good reader will let it pass.

PS: I completed this post in my first draft, therefore be ready for some changes 🙂

( I am just joking, this for a change would be first and last draft for this post, though I donot promise that for other posts to come.) 🙂

Free singing


Expressing what you simply feel no need for conformation or confirmation
just a manifestation of your own and intangible feelings
She just inspired me here, by her lost sight and powerful voice, I could reaffirm seeing starts when we close our eyes
She seems to be feeling her own words and sound, but most of all, feeling herself
With a glass of something hugging her hand , smile decorating her white complexion
and a speechless voice she is art
I would have been enjoying her sound painting and writing beside her
Art is a circle of inspiration where when one starts, all of your senses open up and simply more art is coming
Starts by music, followed by poetry, dancing or painting… anything
It just flows
It’s simply a unique way of living
The most beautiful one I’ve been part of
Where the outside complements
but the happy…

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One Hundred years of solitude is a story of a Latin American family (Of Spanish Descendant) and in the book you live every moment of the family. I was recommended to read it by a teacher as a book which one “MUST” read in his/her lifetime. The teacher drew a list of books that one must read much like all  time top movies one needs to watch.

The book itself was written in 1967 by Gabriel García Márquez who writes in Colombian historical backdrop with Spanish history taken into consideration. One believes that it also touches the tragic demise of the Spanish Royal House of Habsburg Dynasty’s EXTINCTION. It has been well documented that the Royal family members had cousin marriages and into the same family or more appropriately into the same clan( ie paternal and maternal). This inbreeding has been termed as incestuous and believes to be the reason for extinction of the Royal House. In the book One hundred Years of Solitude, the Grand-matriarch shows fear that one of her Descendants would be born with a pig tail.

The book is very detail oriented and there were times where I got bored and just kept on reading it for the sake of it. It is written in  daily life narrative of a family (in this case Buendía family).

The starting of the book with Gypsies arrivals Melquíades in Mocando (which is preceded by a Romantic narrative where Colonel Aureliano Buendía is standing in front of a firing squad),Melquíades later returns from dead  and gives Buendía family  a book which is written in sanskrit (these sequences were irrelevant to me till I read the entire book and realized how important they were).

While reading the book certain things of these characters stood out for me.

  • Jose Arcadio Buendía‘s desires and maddening
  • Colonel Aureliano Buendía‘s revolutionary fights
  • Úrsula Iguarán‘s determination
  • José Arcadio‘s wildness
  • Amaranta‘s stubbornness
  • Aureliano José’s and Arcadio’s desire to be like Colonel Aureliano Buendía
  • Santa Sofía de la Piedad‘s slient presence
  • 17 Aurelianos: Sons of wild Colonel Aureliano Buendía, who were born when he was on wars and had beautiful women come to his tent at night to attend him and have his children.
  • Remedios the Beauty: Her death giving beauty
  • Aureliano Segundo and José Arcadio Segundo: the twin brother who die together.
  • Fernanda del Carpio‘s royal desires
  • Renata Remedios (a.k.a. Meme)’s rebillion
  • José Arcadio (II)‘s death by the hand of children
  • Amaranta Úrsula‘s free spirit.
  • Aureliano Babilonia (Aureliano II)‘s isolation and reading
  • Aureliano (III)‘s death

The theme on which the book is based on is “MAGICAL REALISM” which Gabriel García Márquez had tried for the 1st time in this book of his written in 1967. I can say that once the reader is done and if the book finds you off guard (or uninterested as I was after sometime). It is most likely to give you a kick once you are done with it, much like an adrenaline rush. Writing anything more about the book’s story will impact reader’s fun. Though one can still find detailed narrative of the book on Wikipedia (with whom certain section of people have huge issues).

Reading this book can become laborious at times as it became for me. However the ending made me sure that it was worth reading it and now I understand why Salman Rushdie says that it is “The greatest novel Written in any language in the last fifty years”.

This book I will keep with me always. I look forward to read other works of  Gabriel García Márquez.

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