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Cedric Bernardini

That is all my job and the weather are allowing me to do these days. the patterns are as follow: days off= unsettled weather. work days=sunny and warm. I watched 3 seasons of “breaking bad” which I highly recommend. I drunk a few bottles of red wine. got fat , unfit and lazy. I went on nice short walks-climbs and witnessed radical climbing at the world cup, the chamois habitat, clouds and mountains, dog fight. I also took a co-worker on the cosmic ridge….

A nice morning walk before work. Taking Miguel on his first trip outside the cave.

world cup and dog fight

chamois rock and clouds

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Cedric Bernardini

to any astroman-niac climbers , the aiguilles rouges are just a pile of shiat. It is. However , this is also the best leisurely not committing- sunny side -with a view -sport climbing- alpine-cragg- in the world- that i know of. Also, a lot of the routes out there were open by Piola himself and the rock is at times surprisingly good. This round however, for my 2 days off, i had 2 goals: stay away from the crowd, get confident in placing gear without being scared of falling head first on a sharp flake . i chose to go on the tour des crochue and the aiguille de perseverance. 2 easy routes on nice looking pillars, almost un-equipped (a few 1920 charlet pitons here and there) . The route finding was fun and placing gear in grassy crack pretty entertaining. (does it work really, i dont know , i…

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Cedric Bernardini

I had wonderful dreams for my heat wave-clear sky-no wind- days off. Some glorious summits. 2 of my favorites rope guns are having babies . The other one is in new york (why?) and my favorite climbing partner is in the midst of his mid thirties hormonal outburst. I have to be the rope gun then.that mean not so glorious summit nevertheless awesomeness… My first idea was the high up gorgeous ridge traverse on the aiguille doree. supposedly the best red granit in the mont blanc massif. however my new favorite rope bitch: Anna (that is her name) had to be at work on friday 5 pm at MBC. I chose the neighboring aiguille de purtscheller. Shorter and beautiful , high and far from the crowd. On the book it is pretty easy. the level is nice and sweet. I underestimated the chimney which was tough, long, no pros and…

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Free singing


Expressing what you simply feel no need for conformation or confirmation
just a manifestation of your own and intangible feelings
She just inspired me here, by her lost sight and powerful voice, I could reaffirm seeing starts when we close our eyes
She seems to be feeling her own words and sound, but most of all, feeling herself
With a glass of something hugging her hand , smile decorating her white complexion
and a speechless voice she is art
I would have been enjoying her sound painting and writing beside her
Art is a circle of inspiration where when one starts, all of your senses open up and simply more art is coming
Starts by music, followed by poetry, dancing or painting… anything
It just flows
It’s simply a unique way of living
The most beautiful one I’ve been part of
Where the outside complements
but the happy…

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Lalitaksh : A brother lost

Lalit and i knew each other through anuvrat who is a brother to me. I met him at his home when I came to see anuvrat. Lalit was anuvrat`s younger brother, he was 3 years younger to us and was full of energy.

In his conversations one could see that he was a dreamer, though bit childish in his approach towards life which was obvious since he was just 17 then.

He dreamt of great glory, an ever lasting fame, wealth and obvious (at his age) marrying his childhood love whose name i was not able to get. Though he would mention about her now and then during conversations and when i use to go to his home, i could always find him in conversation over his phone.

His mother use to fondly tell me about him that he was the leader of his pack and was always there to help his friend , a fact reestablished by his friends admission of it. His father too had great dreams about him planning to get him into IAS, it was his fathers` wish that he was studying engineering as he once told me that how he could not see his fathers dreams shattered and would do whatever possible in his power to bring them to reality.

His parents now morn the untimely demise of their beloved young son , father wary of future and mother submerged in a complete state of shock unable to eat or drink.

In all he was a boy possessed with the will to be different , with a desire to be glorious so that his family name became famous.

Anuvrat once told me that Lait`s birth date collides with that of Adolf Hitler and we joked how he would rule the world, but it seems twist of fate that he had to lose his life at a tender age of 20 years being crushed by a blue line bus which was trying to overtake the one he was boarding when he was coming home after attending the classes at Jamia Millia Islamia university where he was studying civil engg.

Now the question remains as to how many young lives does it takes or how many fathers` dreams need to be shattered before these blueline buses menace will put to an end by Delhi govt or Indian blood is of no importance but when a foreigner might get crushed during commonwealth games, may be that might force government to take notice. Mr Haroon Yusuf, the transport minister of Delhi once told to every one (and this is 2 years back) that blueline buses will be stopped (when a bus had killed entire family traveling on scooter and destroyed a car with it).

India is suppose to have 65% of it population as young and they are for developing of a nation but how would that dream be possible when young are being killed on a daily basis on streets of Delhi and drivers of these killer buses are roaming free.

It is about time that something needs to be done and if it is again the people of India who need to raise their voice against this daily murder , then so be it.

I ask u all who read this to please join in the march we will be having in memory of lalitaksh or lalit as his parents and family use to call him and fight for not only him but for all those who died on streets of Delhi just because a blueline bus driver could make more profit….on the cost of a young life……

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