Some of the below Quotes are my favorite from Raj Dharma in Bibek Debroy’s Mahabharata. Abhinav Agarwal’s blog is a major help in narrowing it down.

“There cannot be a treasury without oppression and without it, how is it possible to have an army?”

“When a kingdom goes into decline, the life of that king is one of shame.”

“There is no livelihood that exists without violence. Even a solitary sage, active and roaming in the forest, cannot manage to do that.” 

“What is said about dharma is true – it does not exist where there are no riches.”

“Dharma is stained by jealousy. Artha is stained by secrecy. Kama is stained by excessive addiction.”

“The foundation of the body is dharma, and artha is based on dharma. Kama is said to be the fruit of artha.”

“Dharma must not be made to decline, but nor should one come under the subjugation of the enemy.” 

“If the king’s treasury is exhausted, his army will decline.” 

“It is rare to find a petitioner who is satisfied with what he has got.”

“It is rarer to find a person who does not disrespect a petitioner.” 

“There is nothing that is as emaciated as hope.”

“The dharma of kshatriyas is special. … All the other dharmas are immersed in this dharma.”

“Dharma of vaishyas – donations, studying, the performance of sacrifices, and the accumulation of wealth.”

“If one is destroyed, one can perform no act of dharma.” 

“When those who are separated are brought together, there is neither love, nor affection.”

“The greedy hate the poor and the weak hate the spirited. Stupid people hate learned ones and poor people hate the wealthy.”

“Some are punished for their crimes. .. But many more virtuous are harmed because of false accusations.” 

“Lineage is created by conduct. The ashrama is not an indicator of dharma.” 

“… when one consorts with wicked people, uttering a lie is superior to speaking the with.” 

“There’re are some who say that dharma is that which is laid down in the shruti..but.. everything is not laid down there.”

“One good acharya equal to ten learned brahmanas. One upadhyaya is superior to ten acharyas and the father is superior to yen upadhyayas.”

“However, a mother is superior to ten fathers.” 

“Signs of wicked people. … When others praise you, he is silent and reluctant. … He is gracious in public and ungracious in private.”

“Use sama, dana, bheda and danda. One should not use these one at a time.” 

“When the enemy is delighted at your hardship, I think it is a more severe sorrow than death.”

“Destiny determines this in advance and men are goaded by time.” 

“You must know about two kinds of wisdom – the straight and the crooked.” 

“Impose taxes so that both the king and the producer have a share in the outcome of the work.”

“Like a turtle draws in its limbs, one must protect one’s own weaknesses.” 

“There are are virtuous ones who are constrained by a sense of shame.” 

“When many are guilty of the same crime, they can unite and blunt a thorn.” 

“Blind trust can completely destroy dharma and artha. However, not trusting anyone is also worse than death.” 

“A brahmana who does not study and a king who does not protect are … useless…, like a cloud that does not rain.” 

“If a brahmana becomes a thief in a king’s kingdom, learned people think it is the king’s crime.” 

“A kingdom is always based on proper dispute resolution.” 

“When a person is disrespected by his own people, the enemy disregards him.” 

“The learned day that someone who is not engaged in his own talks is not to be trusted.”